Cultivating company-wide perspective and initiative

NUCB Business School offers the best solution for your company's human resource issues. Our discussion-based programs are facilitated by faculty with professional experience, who have been selected among numerous businessmen. Programs are tailored to your company to help you solve specific problems.

Program tailored to solve your company's task

We design programs specifically tailored to your personnel, such as training to become an executive candidate or leadership training for managers. We select the best curriculum and faculty to meet your objectives and preferences.

We cultivate:

  • Talent who do not follow sterotypes and promote innovation.
  • Talent with strong sales capability / product development capability
  • Leadership in rapidly changing managing environments
  • Talent with a global mindset who can develop the overseas market

Case 1 Industrial Material Manufacturer

“Broader perspectives are needed in daily operation.”

The client wanted their young engineers to acquire strategic mind and practical skills in order to expand the market, as well as continuously think of "What they should do to sell more". The practical learning introduced by our faculty whose specialised field is in Industrial Material Marketing was appreciated as the best environment to gain skills that cannot be acquired in workplace.

Tasks Courses offered Lecture hours
Developing marketing skills for engineers Industrial Marketing 10:00-17:00x3days

Case 2 Railway Company

“Training that requires thinking”

The client had doubts about their conventional listening-only training and seeked participatory training. They decided to introduce discussion-based, case method learning system because it requires thinking and output.

Tasks Courses offered Lecture hours
Developing marketing skills for young talents with less than 3 years experience Basic Marketing 9:30-12:30×6days

Case 3 Shinkin bank

“High-quality training for future leaders”

The executive officer of the client, an alumni of our, strongly believed that learning at NUCB would benefit the company's employees and decided to introduce our training. The contract has been renewed for the third time in 2013. Last year we customised a program aiming to reform staff mentality as managers to cultivate strong leadership.

Tasks Courses offered Lecture hours
Training for young executive candidates Organisational Behaviour and Leadership / Management Evaluation / Strategic Thinking and Management etc. in total 7 courses 9:00-17:00×3days per course

Voices of participants from Shinkin Bank

Which skills have you learned and put to practice?

  • I became to think logically from the manager's perspective, as if I were the president. I also think the same way when coaching subordinates.
  • After the training I became aware of myself as "core staff". Now, I always try to get others involved.

Which course was the most impressive?

“Management Evaluation”. The cases on Ritz Carlton and supermarkets were impressive. I learned the importance of corporate philosophy and the importance of increasing employee satisfaction.

The first "Workshop in the Dark" at a business school

A combination of business workshops in the dark and a lecture by a MBA faculty member. Participants experience group activities which promote self-reflection in the dark. The "reflections" are brought to case method oriented classes and further discussed to form ideas into action.

Class after the workshop in the dark

Voices of participants

  • I discovered an obvious reason why my company lacks communication. (Pharmaceutical maker / Age: 37/ Female)
  • I realised the importance of breaking stereotypes and the importance of being open minded. The project also reminded me that there are unmet needs that may not be recognised. (E-commerce / Age:32 / Female)
  • I learned how imporant it is to share a goal. (Trading firm / Age: 45 / Female)
  • I realised that "Common language" and "Common measure" in ordinary life can be vague standards. (IT / Age : 27 / Female)
  • I reflected on how the way of communication that I was used to, was self-approving. The experience in the dark taught me the importance of thoughtful communication. (Board member of manufacturing company / Age : 53 / Male)

Dispatching / Supporting your personnel for MBA enrollment

Enrollment in MBA degree program

Acquire comprehensive management skills in minimum 1 year, just by commuting on weekends. This practical program allows students to discuss and network with diverse students from different backgrounds. Around 10% of students are supported by their employers.

Non-degree program

“MBA Essentials” are open enrollment courses mainly targeted for business people without MBA experience. Participants are able to experience case method learning facilitated by MBA faculty. In addition to this series of courses, screened applicants may take one course at a time from the degree program as well. In both cases, participants will study among diverse peers from different backgrounds.

Examples of employers of our students & alumni

  • ASKUL Corporation
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • ORIX Corporation
  • Kagome Co., Ltd.
  • Sato Restaurant Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Sanko Kozai Co., Ltd.
  • Sony Corporation
  • SoftBank Corp.
  • Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.
  • Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
  • Teikoku Databank, Ltd.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Toyota Technical Development Corporation
  • TOHO GAS Co., Ltd.
  • Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
  • NEC Corporation
  • Japan Pension Service
  • Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.
  • Fujitsu Marketing Limited (FJM)
  • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited
  • Menicon Co. Ltd.
  • Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.
  • Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Unicharm Corporation
  • Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Start with one course of MBA essentials

5 days, Evening program

A series of courses that offer essential MBA knowledge can be registered from JPY40,000. Best fits for candidates who wish to study about specific fields, or aim to enhance practical business skills. Learning among peers from diverse background will enable you to acquire knowledge and skill sets you can never gain at workplace.

Applicants supported by their employers are screened by documents without an interview. The application for candidates supported by their employers is open until one week after the deadline.


Corporate collaboration

Toyohashi Shinkin Bank

Seto Shinkin Bank

Alpen Co. Ltd.

Recruit top-class personnel

Excellent human resources including MBAs, tax accountants to-be, and future leaders are enrolled at NUCB. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in recruiting them.

Contacting our students & alumni

If you are interesting in recurinting our students, here are some ways to contact them.

  • Recruitment information
  1. Convey your company at an information session at our campus
  2. Post recruiting information on the NUCB online bulletin board / NUCB Facebook page
  • Post-internship information for MBA students


Please feel free to contact us. TEL:052-231-8111

Please include the following information in your email. 1. Name of enterprise 2. Type of business 3. Company URL 4. Inquiry

CourseFacultyClass ScheduleRegistration DeadlineLanguage
Business Presentation_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Ito Takehiko2019/4/13-14 (Sat,Sun)2019/3/22 金JPN
Financial Essence_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Seiwa Tanaka2019/4/13-14 (Sat,Sun)2019/3/22 金JPN
MBA finance_Osaka AcceptingProf.Kazuhiro Takino 2019/4/13-14 (Sat,Sun)2019/3/22 金JPN
Finnancial Essence_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Seiwa Tanaka2019/4/20-21 (Sat,Sun)2019/3/29 金JPN
Business Presentation_Osaka AcceptingProf.Takehiko Ito2019/4/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/5 金JPN
MBA Corporate Ethics AcceptingAssociate Prof. Masayuki Yamatsuta2019/4/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/5 金JPN
Marketing Essence_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Yuji Ono2019/4/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/5 金JPN
Marketing Essence_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Yuji Ono2019/5/11-12 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/19 金JPN
Leadership Essence_Tokyo AcceptingVisiting Lecturer.Atsushi Yamamoto2019/5/11-12 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/19 金JPN
Critical Thinking(Spring)_Osaka AcceptingProf.Mitsuyori Miyake2019/5/11-12 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/19 金JPN
Strategic Negotiation_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Osamu Ueda2019/5/18-19 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/26 金JPN
Business Presentation_Tokyo AcceptingProf.Takehiko Ito2019/5/18-19 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/26 金JPN
Marketing Essence_Osaka AcceptingProf. Yuji Ono2019/5/18-19 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/26 金JPN
Critical Thinking_Nagoya AcceptingProf.Mitsuyori Miyake2019/5/25-26 (Sat,Sun)2019/4/26 金JPN
Digital Transform Program Prof. Yasutomi Kitahara2019/6/1-2019/7/20(土曜日開講) (Sat)2019/4/30JPN
Management Essence_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Yukihiro Makita2019/6/1-2 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/10 金JPN
Creative Thinking_Nagoya AcceptingSawatani Yuriko2019/6/1-2 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/10 金JPN
Management Analysis Regarding to Healthcare AcceptingProf. Masaoki tamura2019/6/8-9 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/17 金JPN
Critical Thinking_Toyo AcceptingProf.Mitsuyori Miyake2019/6/15-16 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/24 金JPN
Business Succession and Innovation (Lesson with Aichi Shinkin Bank)_Nagoya Prof. Yasuhiro Ochiai2019/6/15-16 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/24 金JPN
Management Essence_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Yukihiro Makita2019/6/22-23 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/31 金JPN
Strategic Negotiation_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Osamu Ueda2019/6/29-30 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/7 金JPN
Leadership Essence_Nagoya AcceptingVisiting Lecturer.Atsushi Yamamoto2019/6/29-30 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/7 金JPN
Accounting Essennce _Osaka AcceptingProf.Masao Tsuji2019/6/29-30 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/7 金JPN
Leadership Essence_Osaka AcceptingVisiting Lecturer Atsushi Yamamoto2019/7/6-7 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/14 金JPN
Change and the management of the business environment AcceptingProf.Takemasa sakine2019/7/6-7 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/14 金JPN
Practice of Case Method(Summer Semester)_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Shinichi Takeuchi2019/7/6-7 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/14 金JPN
Business Succession and Innovation (Lesson with Aichi Shinkin Bank)_Osaka AcceptingProf. Yasuhiro Ochiai2019/7/13-14 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/21 金JPN
General Management Program Accepting2019/7/20,21, 8/3,4,31, 9/1 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/28 金JPN
Strategy for Startups_Nagoya AcceptingProf.Kazuhiko Kato2019/7/20-21 (Sat,Sun)2019/6/28 金JPN
Management Essence_Osaka AcceptingProf. Yukihiro Makita2019/7/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/7/5 金JPN
Creative Thinking_Tokyo AcceptingYuriko Sawatani2019/7/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/7/5 金JPN
Practice of Case Method_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Haruo Takagi2019/7/27-28 (Sat,Sun)2019/7/5 金JPN
Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance Regarding to Healthcare_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Tomofumi Anegawa2019/8/3-4 (Sat,Sun)2019/7/12 金JPN
Health care manegement_Nagoya AcceptingVisiting Prof.Mitsuo Ogawa2019/8/31,9/1 (Sat,Sun)2019/8/9 金JPN
Management in Regulated Environment AcceptingProf.Yuji Nagasawa 2019/9/7-8 (Sat,Sun)2019/8/16 金JPN
Critical Thinking_Nagoya AcceptingVisiting Lecturer.Kei Tsuchiya2019/9/28-29 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/6 金JPN
Strategy for Startups_Nagoya AcceptingProf.Kazuhiko Kato2019/9/28-29 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/6 金JPN
Organizational Behavior Management_Osaka AcceptingProf. Tadao Onaka2019/9/28-29 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/6 金JPN
Creative Thinking_Nagoya AcceptingVisit Lecture.Kei Tsuchiya2019/10/5-6 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/13 金JPN
Organizational Behavior and Leadership AcceptingProf.Haruo Takagi2019/10/5-6 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/13 金JPN
Strategic Negotiation_Osaka AcceptingProf. Osamu Ueda2019/10/12-13 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/20 金JPN
MBA finance_Tokyo AcceptingProf.Kazuhiro Takino 2019/10/12-13 (Sat,Sun)2019/09/20 金JPN
Financial Essence_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Seiwa Tanaka2019/10/19-20 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/27 金JPN
Accounting Essennce _Osaka AcceptingProf.Masao Tsuji2019/10/19-20 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/27 金JPN
Organizational Behavior Management_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Tadao Onaka2019/10/19-20 (Sat,Sun)2019/9/27 金JPN
Basic Corporate Reconstruction_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Osamu Ueda2019/10/26-27 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/4 金JPN
Creative Thinking_Tokyo AcceptingProf.Yasutomi Kitahara2019/10/26-27 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/4 金JPN
Digital Marketing_Osaka AcceptingProf.Takashi Yamaoka2019/11/2-3 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/11 金JPN
Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance Regarding to Healthcare_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Tomofumi Anegawa2019/11/9-10 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/18 金JPN
Management decision making in Healthcare Business AcceptingYasutomi Kitahara2019/11/9-10 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/18 金JPN
Critical Thinking_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Yuji Nagasawa2019/11/16-17 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/25 金JPN
Accounting Essennce _Osaka AcceptingProf.Masao Tsuji2019/11/16-17 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/25 金JPN
Creative Thinking_Osaka AcceptingProf.Sawatani Yuriko2019/11/23-24 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/1 金JPN
Trend Marketing_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Takeshi Matsui2019/11/23-24 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/1 金JPN
Basic Corporate reconstruction_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Osamu Ueda2019/11/23-24 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/1 金JPN
Practice of Case Method(Summer Semester)_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Shinichi Takeuchi2019/11/30,12/1 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/8 金JPN
Political science of organizational behavior AcceptingProf.Takashi Kitamura2019/12/7-8 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/15 金JPN
Digital Marketing_Tokyo AcceptingProf.Takashi Yamaoka2019/12/7-8 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/15 金JPN
Business Model Design_Osaka AcceptingAssociate Prof. Ryusuke Koyama2019/12/7-8 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/15 金JPN
Design Thinking & Strategic Management_Osaka AcceptingYuriko Sawatani2019/12/14-15 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/22 金JPN
Business Medel Design AcceptingProf. Ryusuke Koyama2019/12/14-15 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/22 金JPN
Business Economics AcceptingProf.DongJoon Lee2019/12/21-22 (Sat,Sun)2019/11/29 金JPN
Sales Negotiation_Tokyo AcceptingProf. Keiichi Simada2020/1/11-12 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/20 金JPN
Digital Marketing_Osaka AcceptingProf.Takashi Yamaoka2020/1/11-12 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/20 金JPN
Advanced Management Program Accepting2020/1/18,19, 2/1,2,15,16 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/20 金JPN
Design Thinking & Strategic Management_Nagoya AcceptingProf. Yuriko Sawatani2020/1/18-19 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/13 金JPN
Geopolitical risk and business strategy AcceptingAssociate Prof. Masaki Mizobuchi2020/1/25-26 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/20 金JPN
Design Thinking & Strategic Management_Osaka AcceptingYuriko Sawatani2020/1/25-26 (Sat,Sun)2019/12/20 金JPN
Business manners_Nagoya AcceptingVisiting Lecturer. Katsumi Nakane2020/2/1-2 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/10 金JPN
Management Analysis Regarding to Healthcare AcceptingProf. Masaoki tamura2020/2/1-2 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/10 金JPN
Entrepreneurship in Healthcare_Osaka AcceptingAssociate Prof. Yuko Haga2020/2/8-9 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/17 金JPN
Online PreMBA Prof. Shinichi Takeuchi2018/11/1-2019/3/14(木 or 金) (Wed)2018/10/20JPN
CourseFacultyClass ScheduleRegistration DeadlineLanguage
Managing Multinational Business AcceptingProf. Hakeem, Muhammad Mohshin2019/6/8-9 (Sat,Sun)2019/5/17 FriENG
Driving Digital Marketing AcceptingProf. Ted Katagi 2019/8/3-4 (Sat,Sun)2019/7/12FriENG
Entrepreneural Manager AcceptingProf.Hiroshi Ito2019/8/31,9/1 (Sat,Sun)2019/8/9 FriENG
Competing in Emerging Markets AcceptingDenscombe, Nigel K. 2019/9/7-8 (Sat,Sun)2019/8/16 FriENG
Leading Multicultural Teams AcceptingAssociate Prof. Lin, Edica2019/11/9-10 (Sat,Sun)2019/10/18 FriENG
Managing Knowledge in Global Organizatons AcceptingProf. LAW2020/2/1-2 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/10 FriENG
Leading Growing Ventures AcceptingKatagi, Toshihiko2020/2/15-16 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/24ENG
Competitive Tactics and Policy AcceptingCong Pan2020/2/22-23 (Sat,Sun)2020/1/31 FriENG