The NUCB Business School ensures that exchange students from our partner schools have an unforgettable study abroad experience in Japan.

At our campus set in the heart of the vibrant city of Nagoya's central business district, international exchange students study on our 100% English Global Leader Program (GLP), which is designed to train our students to become global leaders with real, hands-on experience in the Japanese and Asian context.

With our 4-term flexible schedule, students can experience the many faces of modern Japan while gaining a first-class education at one of the country’s leading business schools.

Greater Nagoya

A global business power-region, the area known as ‘Greater Nagoya’ is clean, safe and technologically cutting-edge. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, Greater Nagoya produces nearly 1% of world GDP annually. Centrally located, Greater Nagoya functions as the transportation hub of Japan making travel to other destinations fast and easy.

GDP of Nagoya

511 (billion US dollars)
516 (billion US dollars)
577 (billion US dollars)

Downtown Campus

Located in downtown Nagoya, the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus has excellent access to the center of both business and culture. As a financial district of Nagoya, world-recognized companies have offices based in Marunouchi such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi Motors, Denso, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yamaha, Noritake, Yamazaki Mazak, Nippon Sharyo, NGK Spark Plug, Makita, and Brother.

The neighboring district of Sakae is the center of culture, as well as commerce and shopping, which is only a 10-15 minute walk from Marunouchi. Moreover, Nagoya Campus is just a few minutes from the subway station and only a 15 minute walk from Nagoya Central Station. The easy access from the workplace encourages our MBA students to keep working while they study.


Exchange students are automatically allocated a comfortable, single-occupancy room in one of the NUCB Business School's international student residences, allowing them to settle quickly and focus on their studies from the very first day of their stay.

The residences are fully furnished, with each student room having electronic pass-key locking, Wi-Fi, bed and bedding, closet, desk and chair, desk lamp, toilet, Japanese style bath and shower, book shelves, AC/heater, refrigerator and freezer, washing machine, and balcony.

The Global Center accommodates 44 students, and is highly regarded for its multiple functionality and sophisticated Japanese-style design. It also contains a gym, cinema room and adequate common areas for international students to enjoy coming together in Japan.

The Chiyoda Residence is located within a few stops by subway from the Nagoya campus and provides accommodation for 94 domestic and international students. This residence is located in central Nagoya, so in addition to being walking distance from the campus, students enjoy the lifestyle of living in near Osu Kannon, Sakae and Tsuruma Park.

Trips and Activities

Field trips and excursions are essential components of the learning experience we provide. The NUCB Business School International Affairs team arranges a comprehensive program of cultural and business-related trips and activities for our incoming international exchange students. These are often entirely or substantially subsidized by the university. Trips and activities vary by semester but include: a visit to the Toyota manufacturing plant, visits to World Heritage sites in Takayama and Shirakawa-go, a visit to Kyoto, Japanese tea ceremony and ikebana flower arranging, and many more.

A Truly International Experience

Our students represent a wide range of academic disciplines, professional experience and cultural backgrounds. By studying at the NUCB Business School you will join over 100 other students, some studying while working in Japan, and some of whom we receive each year from our partner schools in 57 countries around the world. You will gain a unique insight into other cultures, learn with your fellow students, and form friendships which will last far beyond your time in Japan.

Friendly support

The NUCB Business School is committed to supporting its incoming exchange students not only in their academic activities but also in their day-to-day lives. Our English-speaking International Affairs team provides friendly care and advice to all of our students on an individual basis, ensuring that they enjoy and benefit from their time with us to the fullest possible extent.

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Financial Support

The NUCB Business School offers various kinds of financial support for exchange students. A limited number of Japanese government scholarships (JASSO) are available, as well as NUCB housing scholarships. Students are not required to apply for either of these, they are automatically considered upon application to NUCB. Please note that many factors are taken into consideration when deciding upon scholarship allocation – your GPA score, your Letter of Motivation, and your resume (all documents you will need to provide for your application). We cannot guarantee all students will receive a scholarship.

Residence Rent and Scholarships

(as of July 2017)

Housing Scholarship JPY 25,000-35,000 /mon.
Higashiyama Global Center JPY 88,250 /mon.
Chiyoda Residence JPY 73,250 /mon.

Academic Program

Graduate international exchange students study on our Global Leader Program (GLP). The GLP is one of the few fully English-taught Masters degree programs in Japan, comprising over 35 different business courses. The program covers various fields required to become a global leader, and Asian business perspectives are also reflected in all aspects of the curriculum.

Professors are well-equipped with business experience, and make great use of the case-study method to facilitate the exchange of diverse student backgrounds and perspectives in the analysis of management challenges in the classroom.

For more details on the GLP and to view course syllabi, please click here.

Academic Calendar

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Spring Semester April & May June & July  
Fall Semester Sept. & Oct. Nov. & Dec. Jan. & Feb.**

* Note that dates are approximate only and vary slightly each year.  

** In term 3, we have some classes for Double Degree students and the intermediate level of Japanese language courses for all exchange students.

Japanese Language Course

We offer levels of semester-long elementary and intermediate Japanese language courses at the Nagoya campus. Higher levels of Japanese language courses are available at Nisshin campus for those who would like to pursue more advanced language study.

How to Apply

Students must first be nominated by their home universities. Upon receipt of your nomination, the NUCB Business School International Affairs team will help you with your application documents, arranging your student visa, giving you pre-arrival advice and everything else you need for your preparation to come to Japan.


To see the frequently asked questions, please go to "FAQ".

Contact Details

If you have any questions about NUCB’s exchange program, please contact:

Ms. Narumi FUTAMURA - Incoming Exchange, Student Support
Ms. Ayumi KOBAYASHI - Outgoing Exchange, Academic Affairs
Mr. Leonard LEISER - Coordinator for International Development

International Affairs E-mail -