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Week 3 - Organizational Behavior (Global BBA course)

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The Week 3 of Organizational Behavior deals with the phenomenon of power and politics at workplace. The assigned case involves a high-caliber, young professional who was promoted to a senior executive position in a large technology company when he was at the age of 28. However, soon after he had assumed his new position, he was facing the risk of being terminated, primarily because of his inappropriate handling of communication and relationship building with his immediate boss.

In the class, the instructor Dr. Kuok Kei Law invited the students to apply what they have learnt in previous classes to start examining the case and the key people involved. Those concepts include self-identity, expectations and perceptions, and personality. Then, Dr. Law brought the key concepts to be learnt in the current class - the use of power and politicking behaviors at workplaces. Students were guided to analyze the power those key people posses, the underlying agendas of their behaviors, as well as the implications of their reactions to the situation on their future career.

Towards the end of the class, students were invited to participate in a role play exercise to experience the process of conflict resolution in the case situation. Students had very heated debates in the role play and knew to adjust their reactions and influencing tactics based on what the other parties had said and done. Overall, students found the role play exercise very useful to summarize and apply what they have discussed in class, and it can also provide students with a feeling of being closer to the reality in addition to what they have read on paper.