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Week 5 - Organizational Behavior (Global BBA course)

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The Week 5 of Organizational Behavior (OB) deals with the concept of self-managed teams. The assigned case discusses a situation in which the CEO of a grocery wholesale company decided to transform the organizational design from the traditional structure to a self-managed structure. Students were invited to analyze the impact of such a dramatic organizational change on workers' motivation and performance. They were also invited to role-play the reactions of those being seriously affected (being laid off) and the communication that can be conducted by the CEO to announce the change in a more convincing and comfortable style.

Overall, upon finishing the class, students were able to gain not only the concept of self-managed teams but also, and more importantly, the OB aspect of organizational change. Moreover, students were able to understand the typical processes of forming a team as well as some important concepts regarding teams such as roles, norms, and cohesiveness. Through the case, the case author wanted to draw students' attention to the following: The OB aspect is not simply about keeping employees happy, but about effective operations and competitive strategy as well.