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Week 7 - Organizational Behavior (Global BBA course)

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In the last class (Week 7) of the Organizational Behavior (OB) course, students were invited to work through a simulation task that surrounds the topics of leadership and team dynamics for a mission impossible - climbing Mount Everest! Students had to work in teams, with each of them playing a specific role in the mountain climbing team including an experienced leader, a physician, a photographer, a marathoner, and an environmentalist. Simulation players had to overcome the issues of information asymmetries and interest asymmetries to work in an effective team so as to reach the peak of Everest, or at least, to avoid injuries or deaths.

In the debrief of the simulation, students were asked to share their team experiences and team processes. Rather than focusing on outcomes of the simulation (i.e. whether the simulation players could reach the peak of Everest), discussions were conducted to sig into the communication, coordination, conflicts, and leadership that occurred within the climbing teams. By working through the simulation as well as participating in the debriefing session, students were able to understand what strategies could be or should be adopted to manage teams with asymmetries in information and interests.

Before ending the class, the instructor Dr. Kuok Kei Law presented a wrap up of the course by revisiting the objective of the course, the contents that have been covered, and the intended learning outcomes. Most, if not all, students indicated that they had largely mastered the intended learning outcomes, and most of the case details including the persons involved were still vivid in their minds.