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Jongbong Lee

Assistant Professor

Jongbong Lee


Jongbong Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of International Studies at NUCB. Before coming to NUCB, he taught English and Korean in various locations in Korea and the U.S. His main area of research interest is Second Language Writing, particularly the interface between the fields of Second Language Writing and Second Language Acquisition. Much of his current work focuses on the effects of Genre and Tasks on Linguistic Features in Second Language Learners’ Writing. He conducts research on other issues in Eye-Tracking, Language Socialization, Interactional Feedback, and Language Assessment. His publications have appeared in the journals such as Cognition as well as a variety of edited collections with top presses. He regularly presents his work at all the main conferences in applied linguistics including the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), the Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLW), and the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), where he won the Multilingual Matters award for graduate student research. He has recently completed his PhD from Michigan State University. He holds an M.A. in TESL from Georgetown University as well as a B.A. and an M.A. in English Language Education from Korea University.

Research Interests

Second Language Writing, Second Language Acquisition

Final Education

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Awards & Honours

  • (2019) AAAL graduate student award (Multilingual Matters award). American Association of Applied Linguistics

Academic Papers

  • Jongbong Lee (2021) Attention to form and meaning revisited: Insights from eye tracking. Studies in Second Language Acquisition :0272-2631
  • Jongbong Lee (2021) Using corpus analysis to extend experimental research: Genre effects in L2 writing. System :0346-251X
  • Jongbong Lee (2021) Methodological synthesis of cluster analysis in second language research. Language Learning 71 (1) :0023-8333
  • Jongbong Lee (2021) ESL learners’ writing as a window onto discourse competence. Porta Linguarum 35 :1697-7467
  • Jongbong Lee (2020) Second language users exhibit shallow morphological processing. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 42 (5) :0272-2631
  • Jongbong Lee (2020) Assessing the effects of CLIL on Korean high school students’ writing. Linguistic Research 37 :1229-1374
  • Jongbong Lee (2020) Reframing Task Condition: Repeating L1-L2 Writing and L2 Writing Performance. English Teaching 75 (2) :1017-7108
  • Jongbong Lee (2020) Research tasks on ethics in applied linguistics. Language Teaching :0261-4448
  • Jongbong Lee (2020) Analysis of Referential Cohesion in L2 Written Narratives Within an English Immersion Education Context. The Journal of Asia TEFL 17 (2) :1738-3102
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  • Jongbong Lee (2019) The effect of study-abroad experiences on Korean returnees’ use of shell nouns in persuasive writing. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics 35 (3) :1225-3871
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  • Jongbong Lee (2018) Task complexity and writing prompts and performance in EFL high school students’ narrative writing. English Teaching 73 (4)
  • Jongbong Lee (2018) EFL writing development through repetition of a literature-reading-writing task. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics 34 (4)
  • Jongbong Lee (2018) Goals for L2 writing development in literature-reading-writing tasks: Activity Theory analysis. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics 34 (3)


  • (2020) Effects of genre on writing fluency behaviors and linguistic outcomes. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

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