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Wakako Maekawa

Assistant Professor

Wakako Maekawa


Dr. Wakako Maekawa has obtained her M.A. in International Relations and Ph.D. in Government from the University of Essex in England. Before joining NUCB, she was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, San Diego and a researcher at Kobe University. She also worked as a research and analysis specialist in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. Her research interest lies at the intersection of International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her recent research focuses on investigating the effectiveness of third-party or UN intervention in civil war termination.

Research Interests

International Relations, Comparative Politics

Final Education

Ph.D., University of Essex

Academic Papers

  • Wakako Maekawa (2022) Evaluating the effect of military intervention on rebel governance in terms of disaggregated human security. Taylor & Francis
  • Wakako Maekawa (2020) Strategic Territorial Power-sharing and Multi-party Bargaining in Civil Wars. Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy
  • Wakako Maekawa (2019) External Supporters and Negotiated Settlement: Political Bargaining in Solving Governmental Incompatibility. Journal of Conflict Resolution 63 (3)
  • Wakako Maekawa (2018) UN Involvement and Civil War Peace Agreement Implementation. Public Choice 178


  • (2022) Exit Strategy of UN Peacekeeping Operations and the Effects on Sustainable Peace. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher