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Myeongeun Son

Assistant Professor

 Myeongeun Son


Myeongeun Son is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of International Studies at NUCB. Her research interests include development of Second Language (L2), L2 processing, and Second Language Acquisition (SLA). She has mainly investigated how L2 learners process and produce L2 and the extent to which their L2 processing and production are linked to their L1 ones. In addition, she has also conducted research on L2 learners' attention and socialization. Her research has appeared in journals, such as Applied Psycholinguistics. She is currently a PhD candidate at Michigan State University. She earned her M.A. in TESOL and B.A. in English Linguistics from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea.

Research Interests

Second Language (L2), L2 processing, Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Final Education

M.A., Michigan State University

Academic Papers

  • Myeongeun Son (2021) Attention to form and meaning revisited: Insights from eye tracking. Studies in Second Language Acquisition
  • Myeongeun Son (2021) The role of modality in cross-linguistic syntactic priming. Linguistic Research 38
  • Myeongeun Son (2021) L2 language development in oral and written modality. Michigan State University
  • Myeongeun Son (2020) Cross-linguistic syntactic priming in Korean learners of English. Applied Psycholinguistics 41 (1223-1247) :0142-7164 (Print), 1469-1817 (Online)