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Hiroko Suganuma

Assistant Professor

Hiroko Suganuma


Hiroko Suganuma is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Economics at NUCB. She received her LL.M. from Hitotsubashi University in 2015.

Research Interests

Constitutional Law, Administrative Law

Final Education

LL.M., Hitotsubashi University

Academic Papers

  • Hiroko Suganuma (2021) Commission v. Hungary:European Judicial Review of Domestic Legislation that is the Anti-NGO Law. Human Rights International (32) :9784797228328
  • Hiroko Suganuma (2020) The Judgment of the Act on Uniformity of Collective Agreements. Jichikenkyu 96 (12) :02875209
  • Hiroko Suganuma (2019) The Defamation of Religion and its Regulation in Germany. THE RELIGIOUS LAW (38) :0288-6820
  • Hiroko Suganuma (2018) An Introduction to Research on General Laws and the Principle of Proportionality. The Hitotsubashi journal of law and international studies 17 (3) :13470388
  • Hiroko Suganuma (2017) Justification of the Crime of Religious Defamation from the Perspective of Constitutional Law (2). The Hitotsubashi journal of law and international studies 16 (1) :13470388


  • (2021) The Possibility and Limitations of Reconstructing Hate Speech Regulation through "Recognition Theory". Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Assosiation of Studies of Constitutional Theory (2020) The Regulation of Hate Speech and the Police in Germany. Keibundo
  • Junta Okada/Tomonori Awaji/Kentaro Imai (2020) Keypoints of Judicial Precedents about Constitutional Law. Seibundo
  • Jan-Werner Müller/ Translation supervised by Kazuhisa Saito, Shinichi Tabata and Yohei Koike (2017) Constitutional patriotism. Hosei University Press