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Mayumi Kamada


Mayumi Kamada


Dr. Mayumi Kamada is a Professor in the Faculty of International Studies in Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. After graduating Tsuda College in Tokyo (BA, MA), she studied at Griffith University (MPhil) and the Australian National University (PhD). Her research interests are in Australia’s nation building, and she has been undertaking researches about multiculturalism, reconciliation with indigenous people, Australia’s public memories of the wars, and its perspectives on Asian people. She has long association with the Japan Association of International Relations and the Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ), and is the current president of the ASAJ.

Research Interests

International Relations, Australian Studies, Nationalism

Final Education

Ph.D., Australian National University

Academic Papers

  • Mayumi Kamada (2023) A Reading of the Account Books of J & T Muramats: Ethnography of its Business and Japanese Indentures Laborers in Cossack, Western Australia. Journal of Australian Studies 36 :091998911
  • Mayumi Kamada (2020) Kaken Final Report:Dynamism of the Marine Frontier: territorialization of Australia's northern waters and subsistence tactics of the people in the border regions. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research - JSPS
  • Mayumi Kamada (2020) Jiro Muramats (1878-1943): A Japanese Businessman in Australia. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research - JSPS
  • Mayumi Kamada (2019) Records of Japanese in the Internment camps in Australia during the Pacific War. A book funded by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
  • Mayumi Kamada (2017) Dynamism of Transborder Migration in the Arafura Sea Region: Customary Knowledge Across the National Boundaries. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research - JSPS
  • Mayumi Kamada (2017) Memory of the Bombing of Darwin: Remembering the Frontline of National Defence. Sociology of Warfare 1 :978-4-585-23281-0
  • Mayumi Kamada (2017) Managing the 'Threats' in Australia's Northern Waters: 'Illeaglised' Indonesian Fishermen. Journal of Australian Studies (30)


  • (2020) Grant by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Commonwealth of Australia (Publication). Australian Embassy, Tokyo, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Commonwealth of Australia Primary Researcher
  • (2020) Local communities across the national border-Adaptive tactics of Japanese storekeepers connecting Japanese indentured laborers. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher
  • (2020) Politics over the De / Securitization of 'Boat People' in Australia. Japan Society for Promotion of Science Co-researcher
  • (2017) Maritime Boundaries at the Nations' Frontier. JSPS Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Mayumi Kamada (2021) An Academic Introduction to Australia: Traveling and Studying. Showed
  • Masami Sekine (2020) Multicultural Studies on Australia. Hoitsubunkasha
  • Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Mayumi Kamada et al. eds (2018) Kenji Fujita's Sketchbook: Memories of Cossack, Western Australia *1925-1938). Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research