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Changrong LU

International Studies Associate Professor

Changrong LU


Dr. Lu obtained a Master Degree in Law (Politics and International Relations) from Tongji University and a Ph.D. in Area Studies (Area Studies Department, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies) from Waseda University. In recent years, he published more than 20 peer-reviewed academic papers in specialized journals in China, Japan, Europe and the United States on themes such as Japan's East Asian financial cooperation policy and determinants of currency internationalization, five of which are included in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). Dr. Lu is also in charge of national research projects such as a China National Social Science Fund project (equivalent to Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C). In terms of teaching and education, he oversaw modules such as International Organization Theory, International Security, International Relations in the Asia-Pacific, Japanese Politics and Economics, and Sino-Japan Relations. From the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach, he teaches to emphasize not only the transfer of knowledge but also the rationales behind theories, and devise approaches to make students aware of issues related to area studies, policy studies, etc. through critical thinking training and sufficient communication. He believes that the goal of education is to develop talents with independent thinking mindset and critical thinking skills and prepare them for the constantly changing global environment.

Research Interests

International political economy

Final Education

Ph.D., Waseda University

Academic Papers

  • Changrong LU (2022) Spillover effect of the RMB and Non-USD currencies after the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence captured from 30-minute high frequency data. International Review of Economics and Finance 84(2023) :1059-0560
  • Changrong LU (2020) A Study on the Negative Externality of USD Liquidity--Based on the Asset Allocation Efficiency of US Treasury Securities. The Singapore Economic Review (SSCI) 66 (3)
  • Changrong LU (2020) The Domestic Politics of the Yen’s Re-internationalisation: Dynamic Interaction and the Core Executive. Asian Studies Review (SSCI, Q1) 45 (3)
  • Changrong LU (2020) Empirical study on intra-regional bond investment: an application to East Asia. Asian Pacific Economic Literature(SSCI) 34 (1)
  • Changrong LU (2018) Recent Developments in China’s Labour Market: Labour Shortage, Rising Wages and Their Implications. Review of Development Economics 22 (3)
  • Changrong LU (2018) Are China’s Unit Labor Costs still Competitive? A Comparison with ASEAN Countries. Asian Pacific Economic Literature (SSCI) 32 (1)


  • (2019) Youth projects of National Social Science Foundation(China). Chinese Ministry of Education Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Lu, Changrong (2021) Japan's ASEAN + 3 regional finance and cooperation policy: new finance and geopolitics in East Asia. Hakuronn Sya