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Laptop Distribution

Free distribution of computers to all students

Apple's MacBook Air 13 which has a smooth and innovative design carved from one aluminum plate was selected to be distributed to students in 2019 . The MacBook Air 13 has a large 13-inch screen, weighs in at a portable 1.35 kg, and is as thin as a fingertip. . Therefore, the introduction of the thin and light model MacBook Air is considered to be an optimal learning tool suitable for the university environment.

MacBook Air Specifications (FY2019)

13.3-inch (diagonal) clear widescreen LED backlight display / 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 / 8GB memory / 128GB flash storage / 802.11ac Wi-Fi built-in / FaceTime HD camera / USB3 port (up to 5Gbps) x 2, Thunderbolt2 Port (up to 20Gbps) x 1, SDXC card slot

Why a PC, not a smartphone or tablet?

Smartphones and tablets have excellent portability, making them easier luggage than laptops. Smartphones and tablets are also excellent tools for searching and transmitting information on the spot. However, the modern working world requires the ability to edit and process information, give presentations, and analyze information. Overall, laptops are superior to smartphones and tablets for performing such operations. In order to develop such information utilization abilities that is required by the working world, our university is giving away laptops free of charge.

Introductory computer education for beginners

In April, a computer class will be held for all new students. At the workshop, students can learn basic computer operation methods such as setup, software installation, basic operation skills, network connection, use of e-mail and campus bulletin board, as well as photo editing.

Computer operation is synonymous with information literacy

In the compulsory first year Information Literacy 1 and 2 courses,  students will learn about word processing, internet usage, spreadsheet management, and how to deliver presentations among other skills.

Workshop for developing information utilization skills

Various workshops are held to foster the ability to utilize information, and by participating in these workshops, students can experience new ways of using computer software. In order to acquire the basic information utilization ability, a seminar is held at the beginning of the academic year with the purpose of helping students pass the Japanese Word Processor and Presentation Making certification exams.

Examples of seminars held in the past:

  • Business Language
  • Simulated store management Excel exercise
  • "Why can't I win the lottery?" Excel analysis course
  • Treasure Hunt from Mountain of Data, business data analysis course
  • Office's Strongest Combination Play, Word × Excel course
  • Utilize business tools that can be used in students' normal lives like Google Apps
  • Lecture on Cloud services beginning with LINE business
  • "What Controls Color Controls the Presentation, PowerPoint course
  • Expression Revolution, infographic course
  • Let's Make Some Home Movies, video making course

Complete tech support system at the Active Learning Center office

The Active Learning Center office accepts consultation regarding PCs. Specialist staff will assist you if your computer is broken, if it is not working properly, or if you do not know how to use it. Student assistant students are always on hand for free-time workshops, so you can talk to them here.