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Chang Chih Hao

Assistant Professor

Chang Chih Hao


Chih Hao Chang holds an M.Sc. from The University of Edinburgh. He has taught in Taiwanese universities over the past few years. His main research centers on peer review in second language writing classrooms. He has related interests in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Second Language Acquisition (SLA), and Educational Policy Studies and Comparative Education.

Research Interests

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Final Education

Ph.D., Nagoya University

Academic Papers

  • Chang Chih Hao (2021) Vocabulary learning strategy instruction in the EFL secondary classroom: an exploratory study. Language Awareness :0965-8416
  • Chang Chih Hao (2021) What can a migrant child gain through linguistic investment in juku? findings from a longitudinal narrative inquiry study in Japan. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development :0143-4632
  • Chang Chih Hao (2020) Learning English in the shadows: Taiwanese students’ reflections on their English private tutoring learning experiences. Porta Linguarum :2695-8244
  • Chang Chih Hao (2020) The Effectiveness, Perceptions, and Practices of English Private Tutoring among Taiwanese Secondary School Students. Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University
  • Chang Chih Hao (2020) Japanese L2 learners’ translanguaging practice in written peer feedback. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 24 :‎1747-7522
  • Chang Chih Hao (2019) Effects of Private Tutoring on English Performance: Evidence from Senior High Students in Taiwan. International Journal of Educational Development 68 (80-87) :0738-0593
  • Chang Chih Hao (2017) Peer Review: A Supplementary Method in Writing Class. SPECTRUM: NCUE Studies in Language, Literature, Translation and Interpretation 14 (1) :1998-9148