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Minkyung Kim

Assistant Professor

Minkyung Kim


Dr. Minkyung Kim is Assistant Professor at NUCB. Her main research interests are Second Language (L2) Reading and Writing and Language Assessment. She aims to broaden our understanding of linguistic and cognitive aspects of L2 reading and writing. She is also interested in examining the relationship between various linguistic features and human ratings of written and spoken production. Her research has appeared in Modern Language Journal, Reading and Writing, Assessing Writing, and Journal of English for Academic Purposes. Her research has also been funded by Michigan Language Assessment’s Spaan Research Grant Program, the TOEFL Young Students Series Research program (Research Grants for Graduate Students), and The International Research Foundation for English Language Education’s (TIRF) Doctoral Dissertation Grants.

Specialized Field

Second language writing, Second language reading, Language assessment, lexical development

Final Education

Ph.D., Georgia State University


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  • Minkyung Kim (2020) Exploring the Construct Validity of the ECCE: Latent Structure of a CEFR-Based High-Intermediate Level English Language Proficiency Test. Language Assessment Quarterly. :1543-4303
  • Minkyung Kim (2019) Automated Summarization Evaluation (ASE) Using Natural Language Processing Tools. Artificial Intelligence in Education. :978-3-030-23204-7
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