NUCB International Students

Starting from September 2018, NUCB will open our 4-year undergraduate program in English under the Faculty of International Studies, Global Business Department.

Until now, there are only 5 universities offering a business track in English at the undergraduate level.

This is another great milestone in our history as we strive to improve business education in Japan and bring in talented students from around the world.

The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects in Social Sciences, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Liberal arts with a strong focus on Japan and Asia.

This wide range of subjects reflects the multidisciplinary nature of business, and the importance of understanding all the key elements needed to make a business successful.

Students will be able to study with over 100 exchange students that come from some of the best universities in the world that include, The University of Manchester, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Rotterdam School of Management, Seoul National University, Vienna University of Economics & Business, and Emlyon Business school.

This is extremely exciting news. If you are interested to find out more, please email us or visit the campus anytime.

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