We interviewed Hajra(Pakistan), Maria(Mexico), and Myra(Singapore), three JASSO Scholarship recipients who started on the Global BBA program in April 2020, about their experience so far at NUCB.

They will receive 48,000 JPY every month, for 12 months, totalling almost 600,000 JPY.

How did you hear about NUCB?

Hajra: I searched for a university having globalisation, best ranked in Japan, and also is recognised globally.
Maria: I got the recommendation from the Japanese language school I studied at last year, The Yamase Institute.

Tell us about the application process to orientation, was it an easy process and a smooth transition?

Myra: The application process to orientation was a smooth and easy one. The staff were helpful and informative which helped ease the overall process.

What are your favorite classes at NUCB?

Maria: Until now my favorite classes have been Introduction to Economics and Introduction to Marketing.
Hajra: Social In-Justice, Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Economics and Business Law.
Myra: My favorite classes are Sociology, Business Law and Marketing.

How do you prepare for the Case Study method?

Maria: I read the cases in advance, research the words or concepts I do not understand, and also do extra research about the topic and interesting facts to bring up during the discussion in class.

What do you do in your spare time other than studying!

Hajra: In my spare time I usually go out to discover Japan and try to hang out with my Japanese friends to know more about the Japanese culture.
Maria: Currently I am doing a part-time job in the Family Mart next to my dormitory. In my free time I like to draw, practice Japanese, read, and eat outside with my friends.

Students on the Global BBA get 3 months off in winter, how do you plan to spend the time?

Myra: I plan to take the 3 months off at home spending time with family while doing an internship on the side.

How did you get the JASSO scholarship? How will you use the funds?

Hajra: I was offered the Scholarship by the University as I had a very good TOEFL score. I am planning to use the funds for my dormitory in japan as well as travel Japan.

What advice would you give to students who want to apply to the Global BBA Programs?

Maria: Keep good notes and improve your English skills since this will give you more chances to receive scholarships and open doors for the different exchange and internship programs. Be open to learn with a new and different study method. Organize your routine so you can dedicate the necessary time for your studies, while you can also enjoy Japan.
Myra: To go for it because this program gives students a wide opportunity to see the world and immerse themselves not only in the Japanese culture but also other foreign cultures because of how global the class is.
Hajra: If you want to get a quality education and want to be confident in your life NUCB is the best option to start your journey. You can learn a lot and discover about the world and yourself at NUCB.

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