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SDGs Leadership Development

With the aim of fostering business leaders who are familiar with the SDGs, we established a joint SDGs project with Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Ricoh Elemex Corporation, as well as Ena City in Gifu Prefecture.

Under the leadership of Professor Goi and Associate Professor Hakeem, participants learned about the concept of SDGs and related theories, while conducting research and surveys on the Ricoh Ena Forest (hereafter referred to as "Ena Forest") to evaluate and make recommendations for better SDG activities. The program, which started in September 2020, consisted of a total of four live virtual classes and fieldwork, and 17 students from 12 countries participated. The participants were briefed by Ricoh on the SDGs based on the Group's management policy and on the activities of the Ena-no-Mori forest. In the final class in December, the students actually presented their own ideas on how to utilize the Ena Forest in a sustainable manner.

An example of a proposal presented for future use: The

  • Commercialization as a place for SDGs training for companies
  • Establishing a forest school for international exchange
  • Create a management system to motivate volunteer participants

The participants felt that they were not only able to deepen their own learning, but were also able to make proposals from various perspectives to stakeholders. The University will continue to develop various programs as a project to foster global leaders who share the values of tackling SDG issues and creating a sustainable world, including improving the leadership and consulting skills of the participants.

Countries of origin of the participants (8 from Asia, 3 from Europe, 3 from Africa, 2 from the United States, 1 from South America)