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Sixtine, France

Why did you choose NUCB?

I chose NUCB as I was able to spend two years there to complete my double degree as one of the partner schools at Neoma Business School. I also wanted the opportunity to discover Japan and Asian countries.

Would you say that NUCB has an internationally friendly campus?

The campus is very friendly and the Cultural Exchange Student Association was nice for us to interact with everyone at the school. Activities organized by the school are fun and give us time to discover some traditional activities such as rice planting, ceramic workshop or zen experience.

Please tell us one of your favorite memories whilst studying at NUCB.

The trip to Kumano Kodo was one of my most favorite memories of Japan. Everywhere in Japan is beautiful. There was so much to do in Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kyoto. I think I was very fortunate to go when I did.

What did you do after graduating NUCB?

I completed a specialized masters degree in International financial analysis of Neoma Business School and now I’m working at Transactions & Cie as an analyst in mergers and acquisitions.

How did NUCB help your career? In particular, what skills did you develop?

Professor Wiboon and the M&A class were perfect to help me in my career.  He taught us the basics in order to answer the questions of interviews for internships.
The class of international culture was great in order to know how to act with different cultures.
Overall, I developed a deep comprehension of another culture, my curiosity for finance and M&A grew and now I know that I can live abroad without any fear.

What advice would you give to any international students thinking about studying at NUCB?

Go and enjoy yourself! You will discover Japan and other countries in Asia, it’s an amazing experience. You will have unforgettable memories in a very safe country.