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Hrdaya, India

Hrdaya (India), M.CT.M Chidambaram Chettyar International School, Chennai

We caught up with Hrdaya, who received our unique IBDP Scholarship for his achievements on his baccalaureate as well as our international dormitories rent discount. With a senior from his high school in Chennai already at NUCB, we asked him about his time so far on the Global BBA Program.

What is your impression of the Case Method?

Since my IB Higher Level Business Management course used the Case Method, I am quite familiar with the teaching style.

I believe the Case Method is more efficient for learning and improves your critical thinking skills. The IB drastically enhanced my logical thinking and analytical skills so completing assignments and learning new concepts is a lot easier for me.

What has been your favorite class so far?

As I intend to pursue a career in finance, I have a strong background in mathematics. So far, I have found Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance and Introduction to BBA to be the most useful and enjoyable courses, as I could comprehend and use all the concepts taught in the classes.

Are you part of any clubs?

I joined the Investment Club that was formed a few months ago with the purpose of improving people’s understanding in the field of finance, specifically in the area of investments and stock trading.

The opportunity to learn about stock trading has been a truly interesting experience for me. I would definitely recommend this club to anyone interested in learning more about finance.

Any plans for the future?

I plan on studying in at least two other countries outside of Japan through NUCB's International programs. The quality and diversity of exchange partners NUCB has built up is quite remarkable, and I strongly recommend that every student takes advantage of the overseas programs to strengthen their resume and gain international exposure.