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Japan's first weekend course for working adults

NUCB Undergraduate School will open a weekend course for working adults in April 2023, offering practical MBA style education in order to encourage lifelong learning.

All classes will be held in Japanese on Saturdays and Sundays in an interactive live online format.

Through case method classes that deal with real business issues, the course will develop human resources who can propose their own ideas to society.

Those who wish to participate will be given the opportunity to take part in classroom interviews and exchange programs (online and face-to-face) with overseas partner schools, and will be able to incorporate these programs into their graduation requirements.

Outline of the Course for Working Adults (scheduled to open in April 2023)

Target Working adults over 20 years old
Degree Bachelor of Business Administration
Class Format Live virtual classes (offered on weekends)
Standard year 2 years (Long-term enrollment system is available)
Application Requirements Applicants for 3rd year admission (those who have been enrolled in a university, junior college, technical college, vocational school, etc. for 2 years or more)
Screening Method Assigned essay and individual interview
Admission Period April and September