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Tomoyo Chisaka

Economics Assistant Professor



Tomoyo Chisaka received her Ph.D. in International Public Policy from Osaka University. She was a JSPS postdoctoral fellow (PD) at the University of Tokyo, a Visiting Scholar at the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies at Stanford University, and a Zahedi Family Fellow of the Stanford Iranian Studies Program, before assuming her current position in September 2023. Her research interests include authoritarian politics, particularly Iran's parliamentary elections. She is currently interested in the institutional design and operation of parliamentary electoral management under authoritarian regimes and their impacts on electoral fraud and post-election protests.

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Middle East Studies

Final Education

Ph.D., Osaka University

Academic Papers

  • Tomoyo Chisaka (2024) Managing Elections in Iran: The Role of Iran’s Ministry of Interior in Parliamentary Elections. Middle East Journal
  • Tomoyo Chisaka (2023) How Iranians See the IRGC Oversea Deployments? An Analysis of the Survey Experiment. Ajia Keizai 64 (1)
  • Tomoyo Chisaka (2020) The Supreme Leader’s Legitimacy Crises and Candidate Screening in Iran’s Post-Khomeini Parliamentary Elections. International Public Policy Studies 25 (1) :24320870
  • Tomoyo Chisaka (2020) The Role of Candidate Screening in Iran’s Elections: Focusing on the Implementation of Velāyat-e Faqīh by the Guardian Council. Iranian Studies 16 :18800033


  • (2023) Zahedi Family Fellowship. Stanford University (Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies) Primary Researcher
  • (2023) Iran's post-election adjudication and its mechanism of protest repression . Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher
  • (2021) Electoral Control under Authoritarian Regimes: Focusing on the Incumbent Reelection Rates . Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher
  • (2020) The Empirical Study of The Nexus between Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in Contemporary Iran . Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher