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Be a real asset in business

The Faculty of Economics develops human resources that create a richer society by improving the ability to observe economic activities. Students who major in economics are highly valued in the job market as they develop a wide range of analytical and critical thinking skills, which opens up many diverse career opportunities. Graduates will be very comfortable with dealing with numbers as well as experienced in using innovative techniques to overcome problems.

The Faculty of Economics is divided into two departments; The "Department of Policy Management" and the "Department of Economics".

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Degree: BS in Economics
  • Language of Instruction: Japanese

  1. Employment support with unrivaled job success rate

    Our employment support office is dedicated to providing each student with the necessary advice for their dream career. We provide ample opportunities to support you in finding the right career and pride ourselves on our employment satisfaction score.


  2. Gain an unforgettable experience with our international internship

    NUCB Undergraduate School has established affiliations with top companies in the ASEAN region. Companies nowadays are looking for students that have challenged themselves in an unfamiliar territory and are ready to perform on day one.



富山県 滑川高校出身

I chose NUCB because of their high success rate for finding employment. Through their many employment workshops, I was able to find my dream career.

株式会社三重銀行 就職 三重県出身

There were many lectures on topics such as bookkeeping as well as tax laws. I can now understand the role of economics in society and have become an invaluable member of my company.

富山県 滑川高校出身

I was able to learn so much from everyone at NUCB including the exchange students that led to my own personal growth.