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BA in International Studies

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A world-class campus full of global talent

The goal of the Faculty of International studies is to develop professionals equipped with a global perspective, advanced language skills, and broad education.

The Faculty of International Studies consists of two departments, the "Department of Global Studies" and the "Department of English".

In addition to linguistics centered on English, we will enhance the cultural fields such as international relations and cross-cultural understanding to cultivate true internationally minded people.

NUCB also has an abundance of overseas programs that will not only build your confidence and expand your future possibilities but it will be a life-changing experience. These include exchanges, internships, summer programs, and more. By experiencing different countries, different languages, and different cultures, you will be able to gain a broad perspective and a diverse set of values.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Degree: Bachelor in International Studies
  • Language of Instruction: English・Japanese (JLPT N2 or equivalent required for admission)

  1. Abundant support for studying abroad tailored to your needs

    We are ranked the No 1 university in Japan for international volunteering and we were the first university in Japan to offer scholarships for a gap year.


  2. Gain valuable experience with our overseas internships

    NUCB and Japanese affiliated companies have established an opportunity for students to experience an overseas internship in ASEAN countries.



"The university really helps you prepare for your international volunteer project and you are very prepared before departing Japan."

Suruga General High School, Shizuoka Prefecture

"Learning from native teachers really improves your language ability and there are many international students on campus where you can learn about different cultures and ways of doing business."

Ohige High School, Aichi Prefecture

"Through daily interactions with international students from various countries, I was able to gain a better view of the world. Based on my experience at NUCB I was able to land a job at JAL. "

JAL Sky Co., Ltd. Toyama Izumi High School, Toyama Prefecture