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For outgoing exchange students

NUCB Undergraduate School students are strongly encouraged to make the best out of the school's global network by on exchange at one of our partner schools around the world, as part of self-development and international exposure that is based on the following rational: 'The time when students used to spend their student life in 1 country, studying in 1 language and in 1 campus is over'.

The reality in today's world is that one is unable to grasp the essence by just staying in their country of origin. However, facing this existence and knowing the current situation of this world by going abroad will enable the students to expand their perspectives and mindset by learning a new culture and new values.

For incoming exchange students

NUCB Undergraduate School offers exchange students from our partner schools the opportunity of an unforgettable study abroad experience. Our Exchange Program is designed specifically for international students and is the most varied of its kind in Japan. We offer a wide range of English-taught courses in our undergraduate campus located in the beautiful Nisshin countryside just outside of Nagoya City.

Spring Semester Early April - Late July
Fall Semester Early September - Mid-January
Course Hours 200 min x 7 classes
Credits 1 course = 2 NUCB credits (3 ECTS)

Academic program

Undergraduate international exchange students study in the Global BBA program, one of the largest English-taught program in Japan with a diverse curriculum that includes business, liberal arts and Japanese language courses. Different levels of Japanese language courses (from introductory to advanced) are available depending on students' level in order to deepen their cultural experience and to improve their language skills further.

  • International Management

    How difficult it is to manage an organization serving different markets in multiple countries? Multinational Corporations (MNCs) lose billions of potential business dollars every year because they simply ignore or unable to understand the expectations of people in foreign cultures and the way that they do business. What is the secret to successfully manage an international corporation or play an effective role in the management team?

  • Design Thinking

    There is an increasing attention on the creation of innovation amongst large corporation, family business and even startups. However, till date, there is a lack of understanding on how organizations or individuals can create innovation that meets the end users’ needs. Corporate practitioners are required to learn new form of methodological approach that enables them to think and create new products and services that are user-centric and innovative.

  • Doing Business in Japan

    The course is designed to explain Japan’s economic shift from world largest exporter of manufactured products to consumer-based economy with huge demand for technologically advanced products. Topics from economic change to demographic change, manufacturing to value addition, homogeneity to diversity will be part of cases and discussion. Also, the course can be helpful for the students who want to know about 'Rise of Asia' and its impact on world economy.

  • Strategic Thinking

    Strategic thinking might be the most important management skill that, in a globalizing business world where just about everything is changing and the 'status quo' is change itself, is a key requirement that provides the boundaries for other business actions. Understanding strategic thinking and doing it well will be a competitive advantage in your careers and in business itself, but ignoring it may be a sure recipe for professional and business failure.

Course Syllabi

Cultural Enrichment Activities

NUCB Undergraduate School organizes cultural and business-related trips and activities for the incoming exchange students, aimed to provide and enrich students' cultural experience in Japan and often entirely or substantially subsidized by the school.

Trips and activities vary by semester but include: visit to the Toyota manufacturing plant, weekend trip to World Heritage sites in Takayama and Shirakawa-go, weekend trip to Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails, traditional Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), the school's Sagamine Festival, Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, and much more.

  • Greater Nagoya

    Greater Nagoya is Japan’s third-largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and Osaka. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, the city and its surroundings are clean, safe, and an exciting area to live in.

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Upon application to NUCB Undergraduate School, students are automatically allocated a comfortable, single occupancy room in one of our international student residences. Meito Dormitory is set in a modern building in the Meito Ward, at the East end of Nagoya City, with easy access to downtown Nagoya. Each student room has electronic pass-key locking, bed and bedding, closet, kitchenette, desk and chair, desk lamp, toilet, bath and shower, bookshelves, AC/heater, refrigerator and freezer, balcony and free WiFi access. Washing machines and dryers are shared by floor. As Japanese students live in this dormitory, it is a good choice for those who are interested in making Japanese friends.

Higashiyama Annex Residence is located in a quiet and residential area of Nagoya, outside the city core, called Higashiyama. It is a shared house with 2 living rooms and a wide kitchen attached to each, as well as 2 bathrooms, 1 shower room, and 4 restrooms. It also offers 8 individual rooms, equally divided between Japanese and exchange female students. Higashiyama Annex is a good opportunity for exchange students to learn Japanese lifestyle and other culture by living together with Japanese and international housemates.

Chiyoda Residence is primarily used as the international dormitory and provides accommodation for 94 international undergraduate and graduate students. Each individual room is fully furnished, including bed and bedding, closet, kitchenette, washing machine, desk and chair, desk lamp, toilet, bath and shower, bookshelves, AC/heater, refrigerator and freezer, balcony and free WIFI access. This residence is located in central Nagoya, so students enjoy the lifestyle of living in near Osu Kannon, Sakae and Tsurumai Park.


Housing Scholarship

NUCB Undergraduate School offers housing scholarships to a certain number of exchange students each semester. Students are not required to apply for these scholarships as they are automatically considered upon application. Please note that many factors are taken into consideration for scholarships' allocation – GPA, letter of motivation, and resume (all documents you will need to provide in your application). We cannot guarantee that all students will receive a scholarship.

Scholarship amount

  • 10,000 JPY - 30,000 JPY per month

Residence Hall Rent (as of 2018)

  • 74,000 JPY per month for Chiyoda & Meito Residences
  • 43,000 JPY ~ 46,000 JPY per month for Residences in Nisshin area

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