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In this globalized world, it's simply not enough to go through just a single university in one country with a single language of instruction. NUCB Undergraduate School has established a strong global network with prestigious business schools around the world, forming a so-called 'Global Campus', in order to nurture business leaders who can succeed in a rapidly globalizing world. These top universities are excellent study abroad destinations and tuition fees are exempt as part of the partnership agreement, you only need to pay your regular tuition fee at our university.

PIM Network

NUCB is the 68th member of the PIM network (Partnership in International Management): a consortium of leading international business schools founded in 1973 by the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), New York University (NYU), and London Business School (LBS) as a cooperative effort to overcome academic and institutional barriers to exchange activities. PIM is known as a network to which, in principle, only one representative university per country is invited, and the very top business schools are listed, facilitating the development of international cooperation among members with joint programs, students and faculty exchange, joint research and cooperation among faculty members and researchers.

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