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Acquire the ability to overcome the toughest of challenges

The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to develop your business acumen for a thriving career in finance. We will provide you with financial literacy and analytical skills to succeed in accounting, financial management, banking etc. Choose to major in Accounting or Marketing, with the option to take Marketing as part of our BBA program in the Nagoya Campus, using the 100% Active Learning method.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Degree: BS in Commerce
  • Language of Instruction: Japanese


Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing focuses on the activities involved in directing the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers. Our classrooms are filled with prime examples to learn from and we build our students presentation and communication skills to refine their sense of marketing.

Accounting & Finance Department

Accounting skills are the language of business, and the ability to read and understand corporate performance from financial data is necessary not only for specialists but also for those that want to advance in business. NUCB also offers a Tax accountant course for those that want to specialize in that field.

  1. Certified Accountant Course

    NUCB offers a Tax accountant course, open to students in any department. In the first year, students can join specialized seminars and receive guidance from certified tax accountants.

  2. Study by Case Method

    The courses of Faculty of Commerce are conducted using 100% of active learning method. We push for students to learn the practical skills necessary in business and to be able to propose their own ideas to society.



"I want to master the art of marketing to be able to sell goods in the future. I am motivated to study hard by the easy to follow lectures and being allowed to express my opinion in class."

"I was able to study a broad range of courses, including bookkeeping, finance, and corporate analysis, which helped me find employment in the financial industry."

Okinawa Prefecture

"The connection with alumni helped me in my career search. I hope to continue challenging myself and hope to be able to give advice to future students of NUCB"

Takenaka Corporation Gifu Prefecture

Faculty & Research

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