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Is it expensive to live in Japan? Are there dormitories available?

Unlike many universities in Japan, NUCB offers a private, one-bedroom apartment close to campus to give you peace of mind. We have over 600 rooms available with rent for a one-bedroom furnished apartment averaging 30,000 JPY per month. Students can, therefore, live comfortably with around 100,000 yen per month to cover food, transportation, rent, utilities, and entertainment. School materials are included with tuition (except for some case books from Harvard Business Publishing or The Case Centre etc.) and the school offers discounted transportation tickets. Many students also choose to do part-time work while studying to help cover expenses with plenty of options both on and off-campus.

What kinds of club activities are available at NUCB?

Housed in our beautiful campus, NUCB has over 60 club circles, including:
・2 x Baseball Fields
・7 x Tennis Courts
・Soccer Pitch
・American Football Field
・Archery Range
...and more

Do I have the chance to meet the local students?

Yes! We have a friendly atmosphere on campus and there are activities organized to ensure interaction and cross-cultural understanding among our students. Furthermore, we have a student organization dedicated to promoting international exchange between our international and Japanese students. CESA (Culture Exchange Student Association) regularly organize special events such as sports days, cultural nights, tea parties, etc.

You can follow CESA’s Facebook page to be up to date with all the events organized throughout the year:

Are services in English available for non-Japanese speakers on campus?

We have English speakers throughout our campus.

Can I work part-time?

If you wish to do part-time work as an international student on a student visa, you are first required to apply for a work permit that allows you to work up to 28 hours per week part-time while school is in session.
During breaks and vacations, you are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week.

How do most students commute to campus? Can students have a car or motorbike?

The city of Nagoya is serviced by a comprehensive public transportation system. The school also provides easy access to campus via a local bus. As a student, you will be eligible to purchase discounted bus tickets. Many students also drive a car or motorbike with more than 1,400 spaces available.

What dining options are there on campus?

On campus, NUCB has a 7-11 convenience store. We also have a restaurant with two floors and our recently opened Sora Cafe, serving healthy lunch and hot and cold beverages.