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A world-class education in a multicultural environment

Study for your BBA at our picturesque Nisshin Campus located in the suburbs of Nagoya, one of the nation's major economic centers with strong connections to the automotive, aircraft, and industrial robot industries.

Our program aims to motivate students for successful and rewarding careers in a global business environment. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Liberal Arts. This comprehensive approach reflects the multidisciplinary nature of business and emphasizes the importance of understanding all the key elements necessary for business success.

By studying at NUCB, you will experience an international environment and face global challenges once you graduate. Our Global BBA program is fully delivered in English. We also offer various courses for those who wish to improve their Japanese language skills, ranging from complete beginner to advanced levels.

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    4 Years

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    58 Countries

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  • World Recognized Education

    Since 2006, NUCB has been among the exclusive group of universities worldwide to achieve the prestigious AACSB Accreditation. This accreditation is held by less than 5 percent of the over 16,000 schools globally that offer business degrees.


Case Method

The case method is at the core of the NUCB Undergraduate school academic experience. The case method is an MBA-style learning methodology built on learning by doing which aims to prepare students for strategic decision-making in companies through the practice of real situations. With NUCB's case-method of learning, you gain necessary foundational business knowledge in the context of real challenges faced by business leaders every day. This approach to learning prepares you for the real world of business better than any lecture-based program ever could.

Our course materials feature the latest business cases sourced from renowned publications such as Harvard Business Publishing, the Case Centre, and Ivey Publishing. If you thrive on active participation and enjoy the thrill of problem-solving, the NUCB Global BBA program is an ideal fit for you.

  • #1 Individual preparation

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  • #3 Class discussion




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Global Network & Partner Schools

NUCB has established a robust global network in collaboration with prestigious higher educational institutions worldwide, forming a 'Global Campus', This initiative aims to cultivate business leaders and entrepreneurs capable of succeeding in an increasingly globalized world. Through this network, students have the opportunity to participate in double degree programs, exchange programs, or summer programs (depending on the specific partnership and available offerings). Moreover, tuition fees at partner schools are waived for participating students.

The network comprises renowned institutions such as Aston Business School (UK), University of Alberta (Canada), University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), Maastricht University (Netherlands), Bocconi University (Italy), and Seoul National University (Korea), among others.


Student Voice


Student Enrollment by Country/Region

Full-time Global BBA Students by Country/Region

We are one of the most diverse universities in Japan for both students and faculty as recognized by our ranking in Times Higher Education.

In Fall 2023, 309 international students were enrolled to the Global BBA Program from 58 different nationalities. Our full-time students as shown in the graphic represent countries and regions such as Indonesia, India, Mexico, Libya, Uganda, Australia, Yemen and Honduras.

Diversity in the workplace is essential - and we believe that should be replicated in the classroom. Since our inception, we have strived to bring many different voices and perspectives to enhance our discussion-based learning.

When working and learning with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures present in the classroom, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. It also teaches students how to use their own strengths and points of view to contribute in a diverse working environment.

Renowned Faculty - Helping to shape your Frontier Spirit

The Faculty at NUCB exceed the strict international standards set by international accreditation boards for practical experience related to their academic fields and publications. They are also experts in case method delivery.

  • Hoe Chin Goi

    Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., Keio University


  • Anthony Townley

    Professor, NUCB Undergraduate School, Ph.D., Macquarie University


  • Hakeem Mohsin

    Associate Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., Tohoku University


  • Nigel Denscombe

    Professor, NUCB Business School, MBA Harvard University


  • Frendy

    Associate Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., Nagoya University


  • Kuoke Kei Law

    Associate Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong


  • Dongyu Guo

    Assistant Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., Humboldt University


  • Dan Qin

    Associate Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., Waseda University


  • Louie Wong

    Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong


  • Sandy Wong

    Lecturer, NUCB Undergraduate School, MBA, Macquarie University


  • Ray Tak-yin Hui

    Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong


  • Ricardo Lim

    Professor, NUCB Business School, Ph.D., University of Southern California


  • Hideharu Isono

    Director, NUCB Undergraduate School, Ph.D., Tokyo Metropolitan University


  • Katsunobu Sasanuma

    Professor, NUCB Undergraduate School, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University


  • Gyung Yeol YANG

    Professor, NUCB Business School, DBA, City University of Hong Kong


  • Hiroshi Uchikoga

    Professor, NUCB Business School, MBA, Harvard University


  • Kenji Yokoyama

    Dean for External Relations, NUCB Business School, Ph.D. , Ritsumeikan University


  • Ted Katagi

    Professor, NUCB Business School, MBA, Harvard University



  • Overseas Exchange

    NUCB has over 100 partner schools from more than 40 countries around the world.


  • Global Campus

    We welcome over 30 nationalities every year to NUCB.


  • Dormitories

    NUCB has single occupancy furnished rooms guaranteed for all four years


  • Clubs & Circles

    There are a number of student clubs and circles available that are a great way to improve your Japanese language and integrate with the culture here.


  • Japanese Lessons

    Built into the curriculum of the Global BBA are Japanese language classes to ensure that you can live comfortably and go about your daily life.


  • Diverse Faculty

    Our Global BBA is taught by renowned professors from all over the world. Many of the professors also teach at our Graduate School of Management for our MBA.


Brochure & Application Guide

Download our brochure and application guide for an overview of the Global BBA as well as the application procedure and requirements.


  • Greater Nagoya

    Greater Nagoya is Japan’s third-largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and Osaka. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, the city and its surroundings are clean, safe, and an exciting area to live in.

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