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Admission Information

Global BBA

NUCB Undergraduate school welcomes almost 200 international students each year from more than 35 different nationalities. Admissions are blind to nationality and Japanese nationals are welcome to apply.

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • Language

    English (Japanese not required)

  • Campus


  • Enrolment

    Spring (April) & Autumn (September)

  • Eligible Nationalities


  • Transfer:

    Second Year・Third Year Possible

University Entrance Eligibility

You must have graduated or be scheduled to graduate from a high school (or secondary school) determined by the Japanese School Education Act or have an academic background equivalent to one of the following educational criteria by the time of enrollment to NUCB.

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria before the enrollment date at NUCB. Meeting the qualifications does not guarantee admission. For most applicants, this means you must have:

Completed a 12-year standard education curriculum at an educational institution.

If you will not complete a 12-year standard education curriculum, you must have an academic background equivalent to one of the following educational criteria by the time of enrollment* to NUCB:

Completed a standard overseas education curriculum at an educational institution in Japan designated by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).
Completed an upper secondary course at a special training college designated by MEXT.
Completed a standard education curriculum in less than 12 years at an overseas institution and have completed a curriculum at a preparatory education institution designated by MEXT or at an educational center designated by MEXT.
Received an International Baccalaureate Diploma, Abitur, Baccalaureate Diploma, or GCE A-Level results.
Completed a 12-year standard education curriculum accredited by an international evaluation group (WASC, CIS, ACSI).
Be at least 18 years of age and have passed an official examination that shows academic background equivalent or superior to that obtained from a 12-year standard education curriculum.
Be at least 18 years of age and recognized through an individual screening by NUCB as having an academic background equivalent to or higher than a high school graduate.
Completed an 11-year standard education curriculum at an educational institution in Belarus, Myanmar, Peru, Russia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, or at an educational institution designated by MEXT. For more details, contact the Admissions Office before applying.

Additional Information: 

※ Those that have completed a 12-year (or more) school curriculum in less than 12 years because of appropriate reasons (e.g., skipping grades), will be regarded as having met the above requirements. In order to prove eligibility, the applicant is required to submit an official document explaining the reason(s) for the early completion.

※ Those who have passed an examination demonstrating academic ability equivalent to 12 years of formal education, such as the GED (General Educational Development) test or another high school equivalency exam are eligible to apply.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

An official proficiency score is required of all non-native speakers unless the language of instruction at high school for all three years was 100% in English:

  • TOEFL iBT®・TOEFL iBT® Home Edition: 61
  • IELTS: 5.5 (Overall Band)
  • TOEIC®: 700
  • PTE 50
  • Eiken: Grade pre-1
  • SAT evidence-based reading and writing 540
  • IB English / (SL/HL): 4 and higher
  • AP English Language ・Literature: 4 or higher
  • ACT English: 21 and above
  • Duolingo: 90 or higher

※Tests must be taken within 2 years of the date of application.

Please contact admissions if you have evidence of other English proficiency scores such as A-level, TEPS, HKDSE, MUET, GEPT etc. Students may also use Initial View or Vericant as an additional way to showcase English proficiency.

TOEFL scores can be sent via ETS. The institution code of NUCB is B407. If you provide your IELTS TRF number, you do not need to submit an original test version.

English-basis applicants are not required to submit an English proficiency test score if:

  • Completed or will complete your 12th year of formal education in Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Canada (excluding Quebec), Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, Singapore, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, or the USA.
  • Taken or will take your most recent 3 years of formal education before enrolling at NUCB in the English language in a country other than those listed above and submit a letter from your school stating that you have taken all of your subjects in English for the past 3 years.
  • Received or will receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma with English as the language of instruction.

Interviews & Exams

An interview and written exam are required of all applicants. Domestic applicants (residents of Japan) must come to one of NUCB's campuses. For residents outside of Japan, we will use online conference software.

Standardized Testing

NUCB conducts a holistic overview of a candidate in respect to admissions. Therefore, there are no minimum requirements or specific courses to be taken. Those that have taken university admissions qualifications such as IB, SAT, AP etc, will be used alongside other exam results and credentials, to evaluate applicants in our university admissions process.

  • SAT Code: 7963
  • AP / ACT Code: 4627
  • IB Code: 038743

Application Deadlines

Admission for 2022

Stage Spring Autumn
1 2021 Jun 7 ~ Jun 18 2021 Oct 11 ~ Oct 22
2 2021 Jul 12 ~ Jul 23 2021 Nov 8 ~ Nov 19
3 2021 Sep 6 ~ Sep 17 2021 Nov 29 ~ Dec 10
4 2021 Oct 11 ~ Oct 22 2022 Jan 17 ~ Jan 28
5 2021 Nov 8 ~ Nov 19 2022 Feb 7 ~ Feb 18
6 2021 Nov 29 ~ Dec 10 2022 Mar 7 ~ Mar 18
7 2022 Jan 17 ~ Feb 4 2022 Apr 4 ~ Apr 15
8 --- 2022 May 16 ~ May 27
9 --- 2022 Jun 13 ~ Jul 8 *


NUCB accepts transfers from students residing in Japan and outside of Japan to transfer into the second or third year of a four-year program.

Students at NUCB must complete a total of 124 credits (minimum 28 Liberal Arts & minimum 72 Specialized Subjects) to graduate. Accepted students will be notified about the allowed number of transfer credits in the notification of acceptance and which year they transfer to. The maximum number of credits students can transfer is up to 62.

For more information, please refer to our FAQ

Written Exam 

All applicants must complete a written exam to be considered for entrance to the Global BBA Program.

Whilst we cannot disclose the exact theme of the exam, it will be an open question related to business or social issues to get your thoughts on the subject and test your writing ability under pressure. You will be judged on the contents, structure, clarity, and logical thinking.

You will have 30 minutes to answer the question and we will use Google Documents and Zoom simultaneously for the exam. On the day of the exam, we will send you a link to open where the exam question will be posted. If you have difficulties using the applications mentioned, we have alternative methods.


Those domestically can choose to have their interview in Osaka or Tokyo via video Conference technology or come to the Nisshin / Nagakute campus for in-person interviews. Overseas applicants can use Skype, Zoom or Google Meets.

Why does NUCB interview?

As NUCB uses the case methodology, we want to ensure that you have the ability to study in this environment. The interview is designed to assess your academic potential.

Professors are looking for your self-motivation and enthusiasm for choosing the GBBA program, as well as the opportunity to live and study in Japan, in particular at NUCB Undergraduate School and in Nisshin.

What will I be asked?

We understand that you may not have had much experience in interviews and therefore, you may be nervous. The professors are not trying to catch you out and will do their best to put you at ease. Professors will probably ask you a few simple questions to begin with, such as tell us about yourself.

They will then move on to questions about the subjects you are currently studying. Questions will be asked to ensure that you have done your preparation on the curriculum of the GBBA program and why in particular, you have chosen our school. Other questions will include the chance to showcase that you can excel in an active learning environment. Finally, the professors would like to know how we can help you meet your future career goals. Don't worry, as not everyone has a career plan mapped out, but there should be a strong reason for choosing a business degree.

The professors will allow time at the end of the interview for questions, but don't feel pressured to ask anything. This does not form any part of your assessment.

Admission Policy

Based on our founding philosophy of ‘Frontier Spirit’, the Diploma Policy and the Curriculum Policy, we accept the following persons as applicants:

  • Those who have completed a high school curriculum and acquired the logical thinking and communication skills required for higher education
  • Those who have acquired the thinking, judgment, and expressiveness to solve problems for which no single answer can be determined
  • Those who are able to respect others and accept various points of view and values, with an attitude to take initiative to learn in diverse environments and have a broad perspective to play an active role in the international community.

(At our university, in order to accept the above-mentioned persons, in addition to academic achievements, we have adopted a holistic approach to evaluating applications, which includes recommendation letters, essays, interviews, etc.)

Skype ID:adm_nucb
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00, Closed on Saturday and Sunday