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How to Apply

  • STEP 1

    Online Application

    Confirm your eligibility in the application guide, then complete the online application.

  • STEP 2


    Please pay the application fee within 3 days after applying online and before the application deadline.
    ※If payment is not confirmed by the last day of application, we will cancel your application.
    *Overseas applicants are not subject to the 3 day rule.

  • STEP 3

    Send your Documents

    Send your documents required via registered mail as described in the application guide to our Nisshin Nagakute Campus. Documents must arrive to the admissions office by the application deadline (Those who want to bring their application documents directly to the reception of the admissions office of Nisshin Nagakute campus may do so after contacting us in advance).

  • STEP 4

    Issuing Examination Information

    Upon completion of STEP 3, we will send you information regarding the next steps for interview/exam.

  • STEP5

    Exam and Result

    The exam depends on the category of admissions.
    Please check the application guide related to your application.

    All students will receive notification of application result via both email and post.

Fill out the online application-EN Fill out the online application- JP

Can I pay the application fee via Bank Transfer?

Students are welcome to pay the 20,000 JPY fee via Bank Transfer. Overseas payment will incur extra charges so please ensure to check with your local bank.

Bank Name The Mie Bank Ltd. 三重銀行
Branch Nisshin Branch 日進支店
Account Ordinary Account 普通預金
Account Number 718030
SWIFT MIEBJPJT (IBAN code not used in Japan)
Bank Address 470-0012. 236 Korokuda. Fujieda-cho. Nisshin-shi. Aichi-ken
Bank Address 愛知県日進市藤枝町小六田236番地
Beneficiary Name Gakko Hojin Kurimoto Gakuen 学校法人栗本学園
School Address 470-0193 4-4 Sagamine. Komenoki-cho. Nisshin-shi. Aichi-ken
Tel No 0561-73-2111

I am currently in my last year of high school. When should I submit my application?

If you are currently in your last year of high school, you may apply at any time during the application period as long as you will graduate before enrolling. If you apply to NUCB before graduating from high school, you will be required to submit your most recent official transcripts with your application. If you are accepted to NUCB and decide to enroll, you will need to submit proof of high school graduation (such as a high school diploma or graduation certificate) before enrollment.

I have Japanese citizenship, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, all nationalities are welcome to apply to our Global BBA program.

When and where will the interview be held?

An interview is required of all applicants. Domestic applicants (residents of Japan) must come to one of NUCB’s campuses (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Nisshin Nagakute) to take an interview examination.

For residents outside of Japan, we will conduct an interview using Skype.
The interview date varies depending on the country and region. Please refer to the application guide for further details.

What prior knowledge is required for the online written exam?

The online exam is essay style. No prior knowledge is required. This exam allows us to test your writing ability under pressure to write university level reports. The exam is 30 minutes in length and all required details will be provided before starting.

I see NUCB has multiple rounds for application. Can I apply multiple times a year?

Yes, you can, but you cannot apply twice within the same stage.

I have never been to Japan and I do not speak Japanese. Can I still study at NUCB?

Japanese language proficiency is not required but would be an advantage. Students have Japanese language classes built into the curriculum to ensure they can live comfortably whilst in Japan.

Is English proficiency required to all applicants?

An official score such as TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC is required of all non-native speakers unless the language of instruction at high school was 100% in English. We also accept DuoLingo. Please check the application guide for the required scores.

Can I submit an official English test score slightly after the deadline?

Can I submit an official English test score slightly after the deadline?

Can I re-use my application documents for another application stage?

No, we will discard all application documents once all admission rounds are over.

Is an IB score, SAT or ACT required to apply?

NUCB conducts a holistic overview of applicants. Should you have any additional scores that you would like to submit please do so using the following codes.
For SAT & AP please use the following DI Code to submit your scores: Nagoya University of Commerce & Business - 7693
Students who score 32 points or more on the IB may be eligible for a scholarship. Please email admissions for further information.

I cannot pay the application fee using PayPal, what should I do?

There are two methods of payment; PayPal and bank transfer. If you have any difficulties, please contact the admissions team.

How many letters of recommendation do I need to submit?

One letter of recommendation is usually sufficient. It should be written by an individual qualified to write about your potential for success in both a business program and professional career from the applicant's most recent educational institution. In order to assure full confidentiality the letter must be sealed in an envelope, with a sign across the seal.

I only have one set of original certificates. Do I have to submit the original?

An official high school transcript must be submitted. Please have your high school issue a certified copy. School transcripts must also be certified by a school official. If the high school will not issue a certified copy, you will be required to submit the original documents, which can be returned upon prior written request.

Can I still apply if I have less than 12 years of education?

You may apply to the university if you have completed more than 11-years of education at an educational institution designated by Japan’s Ministry of Education (MEXT), even though your country's standard length of education is 11 years. If your education system only requires 10 or 11 years to finish high school then you will need to attend pre-university courses or the equivalent until you fulfill the 12-year education requirement. For more details, please contact the Admissions Office before applying.

Am I required to send original documents with my application? Is it possible to send a photocopy instead?

Applicants must submit either original certificates or certified documents. (A certified document is one that has been marked as being equivalent to the original with a stamp or seal by the issuing institution (preferred) or a notary public).

May I submit any original documents by fax or online?

No. NUCB must receive your official documents by post. We strongly recommend using express mail that can be tracked such as EMS, FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.

What happens if an application is submitted without an application fee?

NUCB will not screen applications without confirming the payment of the application fee. In principle, NUCB will not contact applicants regarding unpaid application fees.

How long does it take until I receive my admission result?

After completing your interview, your application will be screened and you will receive your notification as stated in the application guide. Results are mailed out by post for domestic applicants on the scheduled result notification day and by both email and post for overseas residents. We will not respond to inquiries by email or phone.


When am I supposed to arrive in Japan?

NUCB will advise you on the dates that you should arrive on campus. You should not arrive on campus earlier than the specified dates as there will be no available rooms in the dormitory, and you will have to look for your own for accommodation.

What assistance does NUCB provide to help me when I first arrive?

We hold several orientation sessions for new students before classes start. We have lots of friendly staff and current students to help you adjust to your new life in Japan.

How can I apply for Student Visa?

International students need to follow the procedure below to apply for a Student visa:
1. Complete "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE) form with application guide and send to NUCB
2. If accepted to NUCB and paid all required fees - Receive COE and "Letter of Admission" (LOA) from NUCB
3. Apply for a Student Visa to the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) by submitting both COE and LOA

NUCB works very closely with every applicant and the Immigration Bureau to make sure applicants are able to receive their COE and student visa.
You must submit all required documents (original copies only) with correct information to be able to receive your visa on time.
Please be advised that the Immigration Bureau of Japan and your local Japanese embassy/consulate make all final decisions.