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Internships & Field Trips

The global job market is becoming increasingly competitive as universities around the world are creating more and more international talents who are going beyond borders in search of new challenges. While the choice of university matters and is one way to distinguish yourself from other candidates, personal and professional experiences hold just as much importance. With such a demand, the number of interns are increasing and more companies are offering internship positions compared to the past, and to accommodate this trend, universities are making internships an integral part of their academic programs.

Students on our Global BBA program are highly recommended to take part in internships either in Japan or overseas. The long summer and winter breaks provide a perfect opportunity for students to gain working experience to improve their skills and brush up their resume.

We strive to give the students a great balance of academic and professional experience in order to put knowledge into practice in real life situations. Hence, we have integrated and made internships a core part of our Global BBA program that will give the students a comprehensive experience and important assets to compete against other candidates.

Advantages of an Internship

An internship is the best way to discover and learn directly about an industry, company, and job of your choice.

Students also get to adopt a professional attitude and learn how to integrate the workplace.

It also:

  • Enhances the active learning classroom by integrating real-world work experience
  • Confirms or redirects career choice through experience in the chosen field
  • Develops human relations skills through interaction in career settings
  • Teaches valuable job-search skills such as career assessment, resume writing and interviewing techniques

CAPI Program

NUCB Undergraduate School has developed an international internship program with Japanese companies in the ASEAN market to provide our students with an international perspective to be successful in the rapidly globalizing world of today.

In the spring of 2023, the 12th year of operation, 30 students participated in our international internship program across 6 ASEAN countries at 21 companies.

Whilst most of these internships require Japanese language ability, there are a growing number of companies that are requesting English speakers. Students are also encouraged to find their own internship that fits their needs and future career goals closely by making the best use of their summer and winter breaks.

Field Trips

Included in the Global BBA program are Cultural Enrichment Activities that give the students the chance to experience the true culture of Japan.

This also gives the students the opportunity to bond outside of the classroom and learn management techniques from visits to the Toyota Factory as well as local traditions such as rice harvesting and zen meditation.

Past enrichment trips have included: Toyota Plant tour, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Rice Harvesting, Zen Meditation, Flower Arrangement, Kumanokodo, Hida Takayama, Sumo Wrestling, Kindergarten Visit, Matcha Tour in Nishio, Kyoto, Miso Factory tour.