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Nisshin/Nagakute Campus

Campus address:
4-4 Sagamine, Komenoki-cho
Nisshin-shi, Aichi 470-0193, Japan Telephone:

It takes approximately 40-45 minutes from Nagoya city center to our Nisshin Campus via train and bus. The easiest and most convenient way to access the campus is by the following route:

Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka Station. Exit the Higashiyama Line to take the Linimo Train to Koen Nishi station. From there, NUCB runs buses daily - a ride takes 5 minutes. Please check this schedule or contact admissions for futher information.

Akaike Station

Kōen-nishi Station

Komenoki Station

Kururin City Bus

Cars, motorbikes & motorcycles

The Nisshin campus has spaces for bicycles and motorbikes and a parking lot for around 1,400 cars. Our students can use it free of charge.

Commute Time

  • About 13 minutes from Komenoki Station on the Meitetsu-Toyota Line
  • About 25 minutes from Akaike Station on the Tsurumai Line
  • About 7 minutes from Koen-Nishi Station on the Linimo