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What are the different facilities on the campus?

NUCB Nisshin/Nagakute Campus offers a wide range of facilities to its students. These facilities aim to improve the learning environment and students enjoying life on campus. Please find our different installations on the following link.

What food options are there on campus?

The Nissin campus has 3 different types of amenities for students to have lunch:
Please find more information about our dining options on the following link.

  • Hananoki Village & Karin Restaurants: These cafeterias offer students a comfortable place to taste typical Japanese dishes at a reduced price.
  • SORA CAFE: In a modern and relaxed atmosphere, Sora Cafe offers a variety of choices, both for students wishing to enjoy a good meal and those wishing only to take a break over a coffee.
  • 7/11: For students in a hurry, NUCB has a convenience store allowing them to eat quickly and at a low price.

How many international students are studying at NUCB?

NUCB has over 10% population of international students from over 30 different nationalities, with a mixture of full-time students, exchange students, and double degree students. We are renowned for our diverse campus, which was recently recognized by Times Higher Education (THE) who ranked us the best university in Central Japan for “internationalization”.

Where is Nisshin Nagakute located?

Our Nisshin Nagakute campus is located approximately 40 minutes from downtown Nagoya giving students the perfect location to focus on their studies in the beautiful countryside but where access to downtown is within easy reach.

The campus of NUCB serves as an optimum place of learning where students can acquire academic leadership skills and make lifelong friends. The campus covers an area of more than 700,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 1.5 times the size of Tokyo Disneyland.

What can I do around Nisshin Campus?

Located on the outskirts of Nagoya, Nisshin/Nagakute Campus still offers a wide range of activities and places to visit in the surrounding area.  
For shopping, different malls are located near the campus, such as Prime Tree next to the Akaike Station, but also AEON Mall and Ikea located in Nagakute.  If you are looking for a dining option, then MA MAISON, Bali Moon Cafe, or even Old Ale House restaurants are offering dishes from various regions of the world.  
Please find more information about the surroundings of the NUCB campus on the following link.

Does NUCB have cultural or sports clubs on campus?

NUCB offers more than 45 different types of clubs & associations for students.

These activities can be both sports and cultural activities. Among the sports, NUCB offers Baseball and Soccer but also Judo and Kendo for a more traditional experience. When it comes to cultural activities, NUCB offers a wide range of clubs and associations on its campus. This is the case of the Manga & Anime club and the NUCB street dance club.
Please find more information about clubs & associations on the following link.

Can I visit NUCB?

Yes, we welcome all prospective applicants who would like to visit the Nisshin/Nagakute campus. We also hold online consultations. For more information please contact us.

Is there a place to park a bicycle/car on the campus?

The Nisshin/Nagakute campus has 10 parking spaces for cars available and 5 for motorcycles and bicycles. The campus offers a total of 1,400 slots directly on campus, allowing students a comfortable and secure place to park.
Please find more information on this page.

Can my parents/friends visit me in my dormitory?

If you’re staying in one of our dorms, please be aware that it will not be possible for your family and friends to stay in your room. However, they still can visit you in the common areas made available to students in our dormitories.  

Is there a number of hours of work I cannot exceed if I am a student?

As a student, you can have a part-time job. However, this cannot exceed 28 hours per week and 40 hours per week during holidays.