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NUCB supports its students in their career projects by valuing and caring for each and every student's personal and professional development, as well as their ambitions.

Our Career Service provides an in-depth and individual support to all the students while encouraging their growth and potential. From their enrollment at our school and until their graduation with job placement or admission for postgraduate studies, students will receive a comprehensive career support that includes seminars, workshops, self-analysis, certifications, internships, etc. Even further beyond the graduation, our alumni network connects everyone in Japan and across the world. By doing so, students will be better prepared with industry and job specific knowledge and experience that would provide them an edge in the competitive job market.

  • Individual Support

    Personal and professional growth are essential to students' development throughout their studies and career. We strive to understand each and every student's needs from the very beginning and we carefully follow them throughout their studies in order to be able to support everyone individually.

  • Activities and Events

    The Career Service organizes various activities and events (i.e. seminars, workshops, info sessions, self-analysis, etc.) throughout the year that contributes to different aspects of students' development as well as to provide information about industries, companies and specific jobs.

  • Postgraduate Studies

    After NUCB Undergraduate School, our students have the option to continue with further studies in a MSc in Management program at NUCB Business School, our Graduate School of Management. Our Career Service and their Admissions Team will ensure a smooth transition.

Alumni Voice

Career Support Pathway

  • Year 1

    Business fundamentals through Case Method

    Upon enrollment at the NUCB Undergraduate School, students will be learning business fundamentals through our Participant Centered Learning and with the Case Method which provide them core theories and real life examples. This learning method brings students to think critically about key issues as they take on the role of decision-makers and engage in discussions, improving soft skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, etc.

  • Year 1-3


    From the first summer or winter break, students have the opportunity to engage in internships across the world. These work experiences are crucial as it will introduce them to the different industries, workplace environment, particular companies and specific roles within them. Meanwhile, students will be able to adopt a professional attitude early on, develop human relation skills and hone their job-search abilities over the years.

  • Year 1-3

    Career guidance by experts

    Experts will be invited to speak and exchange with students; with topics ranging from Japan's corporate culture and business manners, trends of the current job market, industry introduction and explanation, tips and techniques for a better job application process, etc.

  • Year 1-3


    Every year, students will be encouraged to analyze themselves, their ideas and goals to better understand their motivations and to gain deeper insights on where they wish to be upon graduation. Knowing oneself will lead to a clear vision.
    Year 1: reflection on areas and geographical locations
    Year 2: research on industries
    Year 3: research on organizations and exploration of possibilities

  • Year 1-3


    Different types of workshops will be held every year, ranging from writing resumes and cover letters, preparation for job fairs, creation of a professional and online presence, mock interviews, etc.

  • Year 3


    Over the decades, the NUCB Undergraduate School has built up its alumni network and the alumni are always willing to mentor, support and connect the current students.

  • Year 3

    Company info sessions

    Regional companies will conduct information sessions on campus in Japanese while we will invite our students to attend information sessions carried out during job fairs (some of which are targeted at international students only).

  • Year 4

    Job hunting and placement

    Students will finish their last graduation requirements (Case Writing Seminar and acquire remaining credits through electives) while actively searching for jobs and implementing everything they have learned up. Students also have the opportunity to engage in long-term internships for a final work experience to define their career project.