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Privacy Policy

NUCB understands that the privacy of its users is important. To this end, we have adopted the following policy to protect the personal information of our students, entrance exam takers, individuals who have requested our materials, and other individuals who are otherwise similarly connected (hereinafter referred to as "students"), and we provide thorough instruction to our staff to uphold and maintain the privacy rights of students.

Clarification of personal information usage

We clearly inform students of how we use their personal information when we request it from them. We do not use the information for any other purposes than the purpose we state to students without their prior specific permission.

Management of personal information

We manage our students' personal information in an appropriate way and uphold our privacy policies thoroughly. We take measures to prevent any unauthorised access, loss, falsification, or leakage of information and immediately take corrective action if we find any information policy breaches. We give thorough instructions to all parties concerned when we outsource information processing of our students to external institutions so as to prevent any breaches of privacy policy.

Disclosure to third parties

We do not disclose personal information to any third parties except in cases as specified below.

1.In cases where we obtain prior permission from a student
2.In cases where we disclose information in an aggregated format which does not identify individual students (ex. figures aggregated by age)
3.In cases where we are legally required to do so

Collection of access logs

Through this website we collect visitors access logs. These logs are used only for analysis of server operational status/failure information and for marketing purposes to enhance the website's user experience. Logs are not used for any other purposes. We use "Google Analytics" for collection and analysis of our access logs. Google Analytics uses cookies in its collection of logs in a way which ensures that information collected does not include data which can be used to identify any individuals. Collected logs are managed based on the privacy policies of Google Inc.

To learn more about Google Analytics, check out the following.

Also Zoho CRM Plus uses cookies in its collection of logs to used for analysis of customers' service usage.

To learn privacy polisy of Zoho CRM Plus, check out the following.