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The total tuition for all years of study is 4,831,500 JPY for those who do not receive a tuition reduction scholarship.


We have numerous scholarships available; application based, merit-based, and study abroad as well as JASSO honor scholarships.

Safe & Comfortable Dormitories

NUCB Undergraduate School has over 600 rooms available for students, available for the entire study period (4 years).

The majority of the rooms are single occupancy, furnished with cooking facilities and a shower located in the room. Monthly rent for the private rooms range from 24,500 to 34,000 JPY and is within walking or cycling distance to school.


NUCB Undergraduate School has a complete student support network to assist students' university life. We have established a system for information disclosure, contact survey and improvement, health management, student consultation, etc. In addition, the procedures for issuing certificates of enrollment and transcripts are also posted.

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