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Information for faculty recruitment (full-time / part-time) can be found here: JREC


Are the requested documents required to be submitted by the deadline? Is it possible to make inquiries by phone?

Requested documents should be postmarked by or before the deadline. We regret that applications or materials attached to emails cannot be accepted. If some materials, such as recommendation letters, copies of degrees, publications, etc., will take longer to prepare, please indicate clearly in your cover letter as to which materials will be sent separately. Finally, please note inquiries by telephone are not permitted.

What should I do if it is difficult to obtain the "instructor's recommendation letter or equivalent" in the application form?

The letter of recommendation is a critical document for applications to the University. If you have difficulty to obtain such a letter from a supervisor or advisor, then you must find an equivalent individual of equal or higher standing who can verify your qualifications and prepare a substantive letter of recommendation.

Are candidates permitted to select or create the courses that they can teach?

Ideally, courses designed for undergraduate and graduate school students should be taught by faculty with academic expertise in specific fields as well as practical experience. The target level should be assumed as 3rd year undergraduates and graduate students,  who are typically working adults with 10 years of experience.

What are the requirements for "Doctoral degree" and "Academic achievements abroad" to meet the hiring qualifications?

We welcome applications from candidates that are in the final stages of completing a doctoral degree (i.e. ABD). In the letter of recommendation, please instruct your academic advisor or supervisor to include the date of your expected degree completion. As for “academic achievements abroad,” this would include any books, papers or academic reports or proceedings. It should be noted that in the case of books and papers, single or co-authorship is not required; however, the expected lingua franca is English.  Moreover, in the case of academic conference proceedings, validation is only given for solo presentations in English and only in international conferences.

When are the results of the document examination? Will the application documents be returned?

We will contact you in writing approximately one month after the documents arrive. As a general rule, application documents will not be returned. If you wish to return the documents after the examination, please enclose a reply envelope (with stamp) or a home delivery letter (cash on delivery).

Will my contract be renewed if I am hired as a full-time faculty member with a fixed term?

Upon conclusion of the initial contract period, renewal or extension of the contract will be considered based on the teaching evaluation and research output achieved during the initial contract period.

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