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Volunteer Projects

Volunteering internationally brings a difference and a positive impact on the local communities and landscapes while students become part of a community and gain a whole new perspective with a sense of fulfillment. It is a powerful experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives because it’s an opportunity to reflect on your actions in the world and do good. When the students return from their project, they would have learned how to be a leader, improved their cross-cultural understanding and experienced the power of harmony and unity while contributing to the local environment.
The students can choose from 800 projects spread over 35 countries to find the project best suited to their personal and professional interests. Each project gathers approx. 10 to 20 volunteers who overcome the language barrier or cultural differences in order to cooperate. NUCB Undergraduate School has been devoted to promoting this program since 1955 and has strong endorsement from the Japanese Embassy in Germany and France, where we have sent the most volunteers.

NUCB Undergraduate School is ranked Number 1 in terms of the number of volunteers, according to 2019 Asahi Shimbun University ranking!

1 NUCB Undergraduate School 298 people
2 Kokushikan University 211 people
3 Hosei University 149 people
4 Kansai University of Foreign Studies 148 people
5 Waseda University 135 people
6 Keio University 114 people
7 Soka University 104 people
8 Yokohama City University 103 people

Volunteer Activity

The students are participating in a wide range of activities, including but not limited to environmental protection; maintenance, repair/restoration, construction, civil engineering, childcare/teaching, social welfare, arts, agriculture, and, etc. They usually spend 5 to 6 hours a day, 5 days per week on the projects.

Activities Breakdown by Geographic Location

America Environmentally friendly house construction work
England Clubhouse painting
Italy Preparation for excavation of medieval buildings
Spain Creation of a traditional winery
Germany Cleaning of zoo and painting of houses
Finland Preparation and cleaning for Rock Festival
France Restoration work and cleaning of ancient ruins
Slovakia Cleaning of football stadium
Indonesia Construction of sea barriers and promotional activities for environmental education
Estonia Caring for livestock on the farm

Travel Procedures

NUCB Undergraduate School will arrange the flight tickets for students who are eligible for the scholarship, and students will be flying out to their project destination on their own.

Volunteer with international students

Volunteer with international students

Volunteer Activity

Volunteer Activity

All the participants will be charged 44,000 JPY as participation fees.
Depending on the project, a small amount of extra fee may be collected separately on-site.

Details of Volunteer Projects

Content Volunteer activities aiming to serve the local community in an international context
Destination 35 countries (majority in Europe)
Period and Length Summer: August - September; Spring: February - March (approx. 4 weeks)
Application Period Summer: January - May, Spring: September - October
Credit Transfer  After taking the 'International Volunteer Theory' course (starts in the first semester), participating in this project, submitting the project participation certificate and activity report upon returning to Japan, students can acquire 3 credits. 
For students participating in their consecutive years, 1 credit can be acquired by submitting the participation certificate and activity report (not necessary to repeat the 'International Volunteer Theory' course).

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Airfare - round trip (economy class arranged by the school)
Requirements GPA of 2.00 or higher, attendance rate of 95% or higher, must have taken TOEIC test and passed the interview

Number of Participants

2017 2018 2019
72 people 75 people 71 people