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Sugene Kim

International Studies Associate Professor

Sugene Kim


Sugene Kim holds a master’s degree in Professional English Writing and a PhD degree in Applied Linguistics from Ewha Womans University. She won the 2016 ETS Best Paper Award in recognition of the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. Her scholarship is in the areas of Second Language Acquisition and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Writing Pedagogy, and she is particularly interested in examining cognitive and linguistic strategies utilized by adult EFL learners to address writing difficulties in different contexts. Her research interests also include Morphosyntax and Lexicography.

Research Interests

Applied linguistics, Second language acquisition

Final Education

Ph.D., Ewha Womans University

Awards & Honours

  • (2020) Teaching Award 2019, Undergraduate. Kurimoto Educational Institute

Academic Papers

  • Sugene Kim (2023) A comparative analysis of language choices in written peer feedback provided by high- and low-proficiency Japanese EFL students. Language Teaching Research :1362-1688 (print), 1477-0954 (web)
  • Sugene Kim (2023) “Sorry, I don’t good English”: Japanese L2 students’ written peer feedback in the face-to-face and anonymous review modes. Journal of Writing Research 15 (2)
  • Sugene Kim (2022) ‘Who expresses an honest opinion as it stands in Japan?’: Cultural issues and Japanese L2 students’ experiences of face-to-face and anonymous peer review. Higher Education Research & Development
  • Sugene Kim (2022) ‘Ehh? Order through kiosk? What’s that?’ Public attitudes towards the excessive Anglicisation of commerce in South Korea. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 42 :‎0143-4632 (print); 1747-7557 (web)
  • Sugene Kim (2021) Prepping for the TOEFL iBT Writing test, Gangnam style. Assessing Writing 50 :1075-2935
  • Sugene Kim (2021) English as a lingua franca in Japan: Multilingual postgraduate students’ attitudes towards English accents. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 42 :‎0143-4632 (print); 1747-7557 (web)
  • Sugene Kim (2021) L2 writers' perspectives on face-to-face and anonymous peer review: Voices from China. Porta Linguarum 35 (1) :ISSN: 1697-7467; ISSN-e: 2695-8244
  • Sugene Kim (2021) "When being specific is not enough": Discrepancies between L2 learners’ perception of definiteness and its linguistic definition. Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics 18 :1697-0381
  • Sugene Kim (2020) Blurring the boundaries: Bilingual creativity manifested in the linguistic landscape of South Korea. English Today :ISSN: 0266-0784 (Print), 1474-0567 (Online)
  • Sugene Kim (2020) ‘Sejong the Great would turn in his grave!’: South Korean attitudes towards monolingual English signage in public buildings. English Today :ISSN: 0266-0784 (Print), 1474-0567 (Online)
  • Sugene Kim (2020) ‘Nabewa nabedayo!’: Foreign faculty members’ perceived need to learn the students' L1. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 24 :‎1747-7522
  • Sugene Kim (2020) Japanese L2 learners’ translanguaging practice in written peer feedback. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 24 :‎1747-7522
  • Sugene Kim (2019) On the Phraseology of the Linking Adverbial Besides. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 40 (1) :1475-1585
  • Sugene Kim (2019) Japanese Student Writers' Perspectives on Anonymous Peer Review. ELT Journal 73 (1) :Online ISSN 1477-4526, Print ISSN 0951-0893
  • Sugene Kim (2018) A Lexicographic Approach to Teaching the English Article System: Help or Hindrance?. Lexikos 28 (1) :ISSN 2224-0039 (online); ISSN 1684-4904 (print)


  • (2022) Translanguaging pedagogies and practices in Japanese higher education. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Primary Researcher
  • (2018) EFL Student Writers’ Perspectives on Anonymous Peer Review: A Transnational Exploration. AsiaTEFL Primary Researcher
  • (2018) EFL Learners’ Theories on the Use of the English Articles. AsiaTEFL Primary Researcher
  • (2018) The Prospects and Limitations of Anonymous Peer Review in a Japanese EFL Writing Classroom. JSPS Primary Researcher