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Global BBA Study Abroad Report, Jessica - Kozminski University Poland

  • Name: Jessica
  • Year of Study: 3 (Global BBA)
  • Institution: Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
  • Period: 2023 February 〜 2023 June

We caught up with Jessica, who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2021 after studying for her A-Levels at Gems Westminster School, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She recently returned to Japan after completing a short-term exchange at our partner school Kozminski University (KU), a triple-accredited private business school located in Warsaw, Poland renowned for its focus on business and management education.

Why did you want to go on exchange?

I have always harbored a desire to study abroad, which initially led me to choose Japan as my destination. After independently relocating to Japan, I found immense satisfaction in facing and overcoming the associated challenges. Eager to continue pushing my boundaries, I decided to embark on a new academic journey in Poland.

Much like my experience in Japan, I had never been to Europe before, and the prospect of studying and living in a different part of the world appealed to me. I saw this as a unique opportunity to enhance my knowledge and broaden my horizons, both academically and personally. After careful consideration, I selected Kozminski University (KU) for its business-oriented approach, recognizing its standing as one of the top institutions not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe, as per the "Financial Times" ranking. KU's triple accreditation (AASCB, EQUIS, AMBA) further instilled confidence in its ability to provide me with a high-quality educational experience.

Choosing KU aligns with my aspiration to pursue a career in business, and I believe that the knowledge gained here will significantly contribute to my future endeavors. The university's strategic location in the capital city of Warsaw is an added advantage, offering me easier access to immerse myself in Polish culture, language, and more, despite having little to no prior fluency in Polish. This comprehensive experience at KU promises to be instrumental in shaping my academic and professional trajectory.

How was your time at KU?

During the first week of my exchange at Kozminski University (KU), I participated in orientation, received my student ID, and explored the campus in smaller groups, engaging in team-building activities. Our team secured second place in a campus game earning us KU merchandise. Welcome week activities organized by KU student organizations included a memorable meal at a traditional Polish milk bar.

Opting for 32 ECTS and over 200 class hours, I enrolled in eight courses, balancing my academic commitments with online participation in a case writing seminar at NUCB. The course titles spanned various subjects, including Cross-cultural Communication, Business and Economics of Climate Change, Family Business Development, Global Economic Integration Processes, How to Create Your Personal Brand, Microeconomics, Polish Language and Culture, Psychology of Money, and Influencer Marketing.

Aside from Microeconomics, all the courses were either discussion seminars or workshops which meant the learning method was similar to NUCB where we have class discussions, group projects, essays, in-class quizzes, etc.

Engaging discussions with diverse peers enriched my learning experience, fostering international perspectives from students across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Collaborative group projects and presentations were integral to courses like Psychology of Money, Business and Economics of Climate Change, and Influencer Marketing. Notably, Family Business Development involved a blended intensive program with students from Berlin School of Economics and Law, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and ESIC University, Madrid. The program included a group project, mascot-making workshop, presentations, and lectures, culminating in visits to family businesses in Poland – the historic Norblin Factory and the family-run Grzybki bakery, offering hands-on experiences and cultural insights.

What skills did you acquire?

During this program, my learning extended beyond academic boundaries, encompassing various aspects of cultural immersion and personal growth. Exploring Poland provided insights into its culture, history, language, and the vibrant city of Warsaw. Easter break offered a chance to delve into Germany's rich history, particularly in Berlin, where I absorbed knowledge from museums, including those highlighting the city's division by the Berlin Wall.

A notable aspect of my experience abroad was the evident emphasis on sustainability, reinforced by the business and economics of climate change course. This exposure underscored the severity of climate change and its profitable management. The program also played a crucial role in rebuilding my confidence, demonstrating my adaptability to new environments and yielding commendable results.

The skills cultivated during this journey are diverse. Cross-cultural communication proficiency grew, with insights from class discussions applied in daily interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. Independence flourished, being away from family for a year, necessitating self-reliance in managing tasks. Problem-solving abilities thrived as challenges were successfully navigated, contributing to enhanced resilience. Time management skills matured significantly, balancing academic commitments, seminars, daily chores, and social activities while factoring in time differences between Japan, UAE, and Poland. Moreover, the experience instilled a newfound appreciation for amenities often taken for granted in Asia, such as air conditioning and cost of living.

In essence, this program facilitated a holistic learning experience, transcending academic knowledge to encompass cultural understanding, personal development, and the cultivation of essential life skills.

Do you have any advice for students thinking of going on exchange?

For those considering studying abroad, I strongly encourage you to pursue this opportunity, especially if you have the financial means. While it can be costly, the experience is invaluable, providing a unique chance for personal and academic growth. Embrace the opportunity to gain valuable experience, broaden your knowledge, and develop a more international perspective.