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Platform Strategy course: Brainstorming for Sustainable Operations

The Platform Strategy course provides knowledge on the dynamics of “platform business models” in order to enable the students to grasp their implications in the economy and to build their own platforms in the future with sustainable operations. Platform ecosystems create value by matching users and increasing market share through network effects.
In this course, students will examine real-life problems through case studies to discuss and solve issues related to network effects, pricing, regulations, intellectual property, and platform sustainability.

On this last week of class, students discussed the management strategy of Wattpad, an online platform where users can read and publish stories. During the group discussion, students brainstormed their ideas on Wattpad’s operations and how it can be improved further, which served as a warm up for the class discussion that was concentrated on creating sustainable operations for a platform business such as Wattpad.

When will the next groundbreaking platform be unveiled for the new generation?