1. Mission Statement 2013

    The School’s mission is to develop leaders who, through a ‘Frontier Spirit’, are equipped to succeed in the globalised business reality. These leaders will have the ability to bridge the gap between New Asia and the rest of the world, and to bring innovation and high ethical standards to their management practices.

    Best Masters Ranking

    NGS programs have been ranked among top in East Asia by Eduniversal’s “Best Masters Ranking 2013”. The result includes its Junior Manager Program (as of now"Business Innovation Program") ranked 1st in Asia for the first time as a Japanese business school, and General Manager Program ranked 1st in Japan and 2nd in Asia, stepping higher up the rankings from the previous year.

    Programme Topics in Asia in Japan
    Junior Manager Programme
    (Business Innovation Programme)
    Management #1 #1
    General Manager Programme Executive MBA #2 #1
    Global Leader Programme Full-time MBA #8 #1
    Tax Accountant Programme Taxation #1 #1

    Business School Ranking

    NUCB has been recognized as one of the world’s top business schools with an international reputation and was awarded 4 palms by to the EDUNIVERSAL rankings, sponsored by the French international human resources consulting firm, SMBG.

    1Keio University
    2Waseda University
    3Kyoto University
    4Nagoya University of Commerce & Business
    5Kobe University
    6Tokyo University of Science
    7International University of Japan
    8Hitotsubashi University Ics
    9Hokkaido University

    Executive MBA Asia Ranking

    • 1. CEIBS - China Europe International Business School / Executive MBA
    • 2.The NUCB Graduate School / General Manager Program
    • 3.National Taiwan University School of Management / EMBA
    • 4.Tongji University / EMBA programe of SEM
    • 5.Korea University / Executive MBA
    • 6.NUS Business School/National University of Singapore / Asia-Pacific EMBA
    • 7.Shanghai Jiao Tong University / Parttime MBA
    • 8.Fudan University - School of Management / EMBA
    • 9.The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / MBA Part Time Hong Kong
    • 10.Seoul National University / Executive MBA

    Asahi Newspaper Ranking 2013

    NUCB is ranked 26nd out of 756 Japanese universities by the Asahi newspaper company in its University Rankings for 2013.

    1Tohoku University
    2Tokyo University
    3Kyoto University
    4Osaka University
    5Keio University
    26Nagoya University of Commerce & Business
    27Shisyu University

    AACSB Accredited

    In 2002, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business acquired AACSB International membership as only the third educational institution in Japan. NUCB has achieved accreditation of its undergraduate and graduate programs in 2006 and successfully maintained it in 2011.

    AMBA Accredited

    NUCB Graduate School is the only Japanese business school accredited by AMBA.

    Principles for Responsible Management Education

    NUCB is proud to announce our recent commitment to sustainability in business education as our new participation in PRME: Principles for Responsible Management Education. The mission the PRME initiative is to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally. The PRME participating schools are inspired by internationally accepted values such as the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. They seek to establish a process of continuous improvement among institutions of management education in order to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges faced by business and society in the 21st century.

  2. Nagoya Marunouchi Campus

    Scheduled for completion in June 2015

    Graduate school Campus

    While NUCB is based in Greater Nagoya district, its graduate school campuses including two satellites are located in the heart of the three major cosmopolitan cities in Japan; Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka. Each campus is located within less than 5 minutes walking distance from a major train station. The urban-based environment provides students with the opportunity to observe how Japanese business practices combine tradition with innovation.

    Nagoya Fushimi Campus

    Tokyo Marunouchi Campus

    Osaka Umekita Campus

    Nagoya Marunouchi

    Access Map

  3. Nisshin Campus

    Undergraduate Campus

    Relocated in 1968, NUCB Nisshin Campus serves as an optimum place of learning where students can acquire academic leadership skills and new friendships. The campus covers an area of more than 700,000 square meters, which is equivalent in size to 16 Tokyo Domes. Nisshin Campus is located in a natural setting, providing a calm and quiet environment that is very suitable for students to pursue their studies.

    IS Building

    Central Information Center

    Athletics Field

    School Amenities

    Access Map

  4. An experience beyond my expectation

    from Lithuania

    Who You Learn With

    NUCB offers a diverse learning environment with students and professors of different backgrounds. Incoming students will be able to make friends from various countries and enjoy a good relationship with Japanese students, professors, and administrative staff members.

    Guaranteeing the quality of education by strict faculty recruitment standards

    Our faculty consists of successful business professionals and academics who have conducted outstanding research. We recruit our faculty based on strict standards including AACSB criteria, business experience in their professional area, research papers and books published.

  5. Greater Nagoya

    A global business power-region, the area known as ‘Greater Nagoya’ is clean, safe and technologically cutting-edge. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, Greater Nagoya produces nearly 1% of world GDP annually.

    The Most Dynamic Region of Japan

    Centrally located, Greater Nagoya functions as the transportation hub of Japan making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Moreover, because the area was once the home of civil war commanders in Japan’ s ancient times, it is rich in historical sites and Japanese traditional culture, attracting many tourists. The World Heritage site, Shirakawa-go, is within easy reach, and Kyoto is located only 35 minutes away by Shinkansen. As such, Greater Nagoya is the place where a well-balanced synergy between modern and traditional cultures exist.

    Chiyoda Dormitory

    Fully furnished, single-occupancy rooms create a comfortable living environment. Located in downtown Nagoya, NUCB’ s Chiyoda Dormitory has a convenient 24/7 independent access and is a 3 minute walk to the nearest station.

    NUCB Global Center

    The NUCB Global Center is a residence facility for graduate students, newly established in 2010. The facility has 44 single rooms and is also equipped with a seminar room, library, and a fitness center. Located in the suburbs of Nagoya, it provides residents with a serene living space and is a 5 minute walk to the nearest station.

    Living Expenses

    Local costs are on average 30% less when compared to Tokyo making Nagoya a more affordable choice in Asia for an international study experience.

    NUCB Housing Scholarship

    NUCB may award housing scholarship to students who have an outstanding academic record. The assessment standard is based on the academic performance of the first semester after enrollment.

      Rent /Mo. Housing Scholarship /Mo.
    Chiyoda Dormitory JPN 70,000
    Including utility fee
    JPN 25,000 or JPN 40,000
    NUCB Global Center JPN 85,000
    Including breakfast and utility fee
    JPN 30,000 or JPN 40,000


  6. Frontier Spirit

    “Promoting a frontier spirit is the basis of our education both in principle and method.Our institution was established with the aim of creating a path for who
    come to develop themselves and to provide an environment where they can flourish.”
    - Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto, the founder of NUCB


    Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto

    “A world-class university for the Leaders of tomorrow”


    Dr. Hiroshi Kurimoto