Frequently asked Questions

My work experience is less than 3 years. Am I eligible to apply?

If you want to apply for the 2 year MSc course, you are not required to have previous work experience.

However, if you wish to be considered for the 1/2-year MBA course, you need minimum 3 years work experience. Applicants without 3 years work experience who wish to apply for MBA are required to go through a preliminary screening prior to admission.
For a preliminary screening, please email us ( your recent CV/ Resume and a scanned PDF of a transcript from your educational institution.

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Is there a holiday break during the academic year?

GLP follow a western schedule by ending classes before Christmas in December with summer vacation during the month of August. You will have time to travel or complete a long-term internship.

Is there any financial aid?

Yes. 90% of our international students are receiving some kind of scholarships; some from NUCB, and some from the government or external organizations.

We offer NUCB scholarships and Housing Scholarship for qualified students. Japanese government (MEXT) also provides financial aid for international students.

See Tuition & Scholarship for further information.

What are the required materials for application? When is the deadline for application?

Details are on the following webpage.

Also check the Application Form before applying.

I am interested in studying outside Japan.

NUCB has more than 80 partner schools from all over the world. You have options to study abroad in various countries as well as duration ranging from 1 week to 1 year. Credits can be transferred as an NUCB credit up to 10 credits.

Is TOEIC score required?

If English is your primary language or if you graduated a university in a English speaking country , you are not required to submit TOEIC score.

Do I need a GMAT score? Is there a minimum GMAT score required?

GMAT score may be waived based on work experience and undergraduate GPA. Please contact us for further information. NUCB does not require a minimum GMAT score.

When can I start the programme?

You can either start from April or September.

I live overseas. Can I take a Skype interview?

Skype interview can be arranged upon request. Domestic residents are required to take a face-to-face interview at Nagoya Fushimi Campus.

Which months are classes held?

The classes are held from April to late July, September to December (ends before Christmas).