About Us

Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (名古屋商科大学 Nagoya Shōka Daigaku), abbreviated as NUCB, is a Japanese private university located in Nisshin, Aichi within the Tokai region of Japan. Originally established in 1935, NUCB was the first undergraduate institution in Japan and one of only 5% of schools worldwide to achieve the much sought after AACSB accreditation.

Our main campus, Nisshin Nagakute, is set in the beautiful Nisshin countryside just outside of Nagoya City where we have almost 3,000 students and over 100 faculty. We are the only university in Japan to offer a BBA degree taught 100% in English. We also have a downtown campus located within walking distance from Nagoya station where we teach solely using the Case Method.

Frontier Spirit

The Founder of our family of schools, Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto, was the first international graduate of the University of Alberta, Canada. While he was a student there in the early Showa era, he was very impressed by the energy by which the Canadians were opening up to the western frontier.

It was at this time that he adopted the motto “Frontier Spirit”—an encomium to the Canadians opening the frontier and a starting philosophy for his own new school. This motto continues to animate all of the schools in the Kurimoto Educational Institute.

"Frontier Spirit" refers to the school's mission to create leaders rather than followers, to nurture young persons who think creatively and independently and to impart to students the skills and qualities that they will need to become pioneers in the future. Specifically "Frontier Spirit" refers to the spirit of a person who never gives up and who, by acting in an original manner, seeks to benefit humanity, society, and the nation.

At NUCB we aim to educate our students to have a true "Frontier Spirit" and to take their rightful places on the international stage of the twenty-first century.

Education Policy

In order to train business leaders and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the business world of tomorrow, we offer an advanced education and research environment throughout our educational institutes. Our university selects entrants who have the ability to excel in an active learning environment. We evaluate students to strict standards to ensure high-quality education.

In particular, we will seek the following for admission:

  • Those who have completed a high school educational curriculum and acquired the required logical thinking and communication skills necessary for university study;
  • Those who can solve problems through the ability of sound judgment and reasoning;
  • Those who have a broad perspective and respect for others with a willingness to learn in a diverse international community

Course Information and Education Environment

All courses are conducted by the quarter system and the academic year is split into 2 semesters, equalling to 4 terms in total, and each course will be completed in a single term lasting 7 weeks.

Classes are conducted using the Case Study and Active Learning teaching method. Students must prepare at least 3 hours for each case and be confident in speaking in front of large audiences.

NUCB operates a strict grading policy to ensure we keep a high level of motivation and competitiveness in the classroom. We also have a strict attendance policy.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Global BBA (EN)
  • BBA (JP)

Bachelor of Science

  • in Management (JP)
  • in Economics (JP)
  • in Commerce (JP)

Bachelor of Arts

  • in International Studies (EN)