Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate innovative and ethical leaders who possess a ʻFrontier Spiritʼ and to create knowledge that advances business and society. Our undergraduate students will have the ability to bridge the gap between New Asia and the rest of the world.


Education Policy

In order to train business leaders and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the business world of tomorrow, we offer an advanced education and research environment throughout our educational institutes. Our university selects entrants who have the ability to excel in an active learning environment. We evaluate students to strict standards to ensure a high-quality education.

In particular, we will seek the following for admission:

Those who have completed a high school educational curriculum and acquired the required logical thinking and communication skills necessary for university study;
Those who can solve problems through the ability of sound judgment and reasoning;
Those who have a broad perspective and respect for others with a willingness to learn in a diverse international community.

Academic Programs

Faculty of International Studies (EN)

The Faculty of International Studies consists of two departments; Global Business Studies and the English studies department, and aims to develop human resources with the ability to innovate on economic, social and various other systems based on their deep understanding of the relations between regional diversity and different global systems.

Bachelor in Management (JP/EN)

The Faculty of Management has two departments, the Department of Management and the Department of Information Science. The Department of Management is designed to give you a deep understanding of sound management methods to be a successful leader in the 21st century. The Department of Management Information Science focuses on creating value using IT within an organization to manage and support managerial decisions.

Bachelor in Economics (JP)

The Faculty of Economics aims to equip you with the ability to become a true leader capable of being a real asset in global business. Students who major in economics are highly valued in the job market as they develop a wide range of analytical and critical thinking skills, which opens up many diverse career opportunities.

Bachelor in Commerce (JP)

The Department of Marketing focuses on the activities involved in directing the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers whilst the Department of Accounting & Finance builds your ability to manage and operate funds acquired through business.