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Futsal circle

Hello, this is Nagoya University of Commerce & Business Futsal circle.
We are active on the futsal courts of the athletic field every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the end of the third period. There is basically no activity on rainy days, but you can enjoy futsal in a good environment with artificial grass.

The main activity is to play the game from beginning to end. There are some members who are able to participate both on a part-time job and in a circle, instead of participating in club activities every time, instead of attending every time. Of course, some members are experienced and some are beginners. There are female players as well as boys.
Sometimes they are fun, sometimes they are seriously active, and they aim to participate in off-campus competitions, and as individual goals, they each strive to improve their individual skills.

Futsal circle activity blog

Club information
Club name Futsal circle Federation
Place of activity Futsal court Activity time 3 days a week, 3 hours

Annual schedule
January New Year's party July Friendly match
February Winter camp August Friendly match
March Chase September Friendly match
April Welcome party October Friendly match
May Friendly match November Executive change
June Friendly match December Year-end party