Nisshin Campus

The Nisshin Campus opened in 1968, fifteen years after the formal establishment of NUCB. Nisshin, located just east of the city of Nagoya, sets a rural backdrop for the campus facilities that resembles many American and European university campuses. Visitors are immediately welcomed by the Millennium Gate and massive university flag as they enter the campus. Nisshin Campus houses a central administration office with a Mosburger and 7-Eleven on the ground floor. Nearby, the Community Pavilion hosts space for meetings, dining occasions, and entertaining special guests to the university. Spread out all over the campus, academic buildings include lecture halls, classrooms, and research centers as well as the Active Learning Center (ALC), the Center for Global Communications, the Central Information Center, the General Language Education Center, and the International Exchange Center. Furthermore, the campus includes full athletic facilities to support the many sports and clubs at NUCB. These include two baseball fields, seven tennis courts, a soccer pitch, an American football field, an archery range, a pool and gymnasium.

Active Learning Campus


The classroom has a “Quarter-Circle” style which is popular among western business schools. A high lumen rear projector and 140 inches’ screen are installed at the front of the room which are highly operable and visual. In addition, a high-performance video conferencing system is installed for remote lectures among the other classrooms.

Central Information Center - Library

The Central Information Center is a library complex equipped with the latest multimedia research instruments. The center holds over 210,000 books and valuable references. NUCB students and faculty members can access worldwide search engines to gather abundant research materials on campus.

Athletics Field

NUCB's 400m running tracks which are paved with International Athletics Federation certified all-weather urethane, and our general sporting field. The all-weather artificial grass allows the field to be used as both a soccer field and American football field. With beautiful weather here in Nagoya, student clubs and individual student groups alike make the most of this professional size playing field. The tracks as well are a great place to increase muscular and cardio endurance and stamina through running.

Baseball Ground

NUCB has a very privileged environment owning two baseball fields that can play an official match on the same campus. The fields are highly evaluated as an "enviable environment" from other universities. Field 1 is used for regulation-ball baseball, and Field 2 is used for rubber-ball baseball mainly.

Rugby Field

NUCB rugby field which uses SRI hybrid artificial grass. After making the ground into artificial grass area, the players’ performance and safety have dramatically improved. In addition, LED lights are installed making the students possible to practice enough even in the winter season with short days.

Sora cafe

"Sora Cafe" is a popular cafe in Japan. It is decorated with old books and filled with the warmth of trees which makes the intellectual atmosphere within its refreshing space. Lunch with delicious vegetables, and authentic coffee using Sora Cafe’s speciality "Ririn" are popular. It is a space where you can feel free to spend outside of your classes, such as interacting with international students, going on self-study, and so on.

School Amenities

NUCB offers a spacious, clean, and healthy environment that allows our students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a dynamic and nutritious dining experience. NUCB operates three full-service dining facilities, a faculty lounge, a MOS Burger restaurant, and a Seven Eleven convenience store. These dining halls and other services offer a number of a la carte, pre-paid meal cards and cash operations.