Where world-class education become reality.

Since its foundation in 1953, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business has been dedicated to helping students create a path in life that is distinctly their own. The energy driving the mission of NUCB is the ambition and optimism behind a ‘Frontier Spirit.’

Brief History

The founder, Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto, was the first international student to graduate from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, Canada in 1930. Upon his return to Japan, he recognized that higher education in Japan had been limited, and so he championed the fight to make it available to the disenfranchised Japanese youth of the day.

In 1935, he began a vocational institute called the Nagoya Railroad School, which was followed by a high school and a junior college. Always a visionary, Dr. Kurimoto sensed that the post-war economic and population boom in Japan would create a strong demand for an institution dedicated to business education. To this end he established NUCB.

In recognition of his ideals and achievements, Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Alberta and his name was carved on a memorial in the Kurimoto Japanese garden on their campus, a tribute to his role in the friendship between Canada and Japan and dedicating all his life to keeping up the ideals of the frontier spirit.

“The highest goal of education lies in helping students awaken to their hidden potential and develop it further”. - Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto.

This idea, which is the cornerstone of our education policy, gave birth to our tutorial objective, which focuses on the close collaboration between student and teacher.

This innovative approach to education is aimed at educating forward-thinking leaders, capable of taking the initiative, and fulfilling their role as managers and business people. To this end, from its establishment, our university has dedicated its efforts to encourage our students to acquire practical, rather than purely academic, knowledge and skills. The structure of our curriculum emphasizes practical learning through the progressive study of a wide range of disciplines related to business and commerce administration, indispensable for our students’ future careers.

History of NUCB

1953 Nagoya University of Commerce & Business founded, Faculty of Commerce established 
1968 Relocation to Nisshin campus began, Pioneering suburb locations for university campuses
1976 Computer Center opened
1978 Central Information Center (general library) opened
1981 General Language Education Center opened
1986 Campus LAN completed
1996 Study abroad program (Frontier Spirit Program) inaugurated
1998 Faculty of Global Studies established
2000 Millennium Gate completed
2001 Faculty of Management established
2003 50th Anniversary Pole completed
2005 New study abroad program (Gap Year Program) inaugurated
2006 Accredited by AACSB International
2008 Faculty of Economics established
2012 "Career Advancement Program International" (Internship abroad) started
2016 NUCB Alliance Partner Schools (overseas affiliated schools) achieved over 100 schools
2016 BBA established
2018 Global BBA established

Millennium Gate

50th Anniversary Pole


Our values are

  • Excellence in teaching and research.
  • Continuous quality improvement in enrollment management.
  • Provision of efficient, responsive and effective administration.
  • Determination to being innovative in our pedagogy and social orientation.
  • To promote practical industry-focused teaching and research hand in hand with theoretical considerations.
  • Inculcate ethical values in business and academic practices.
  • To value diversity.
  • To provide education from a global perspective.
  • To attract and maintain a high quality staff.
  • Utilize leading-edge educational technology in teaching and administration.