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Thomas, Double Degree student from NEOMA Business School

We are joined by Thomas, a French student who is completing his Double Degree with NUCB from NEOMA Business School (CESEM program).

Neoma Business School is one of 8 partner schools offering a Double Degree program that allows students from NUCB and NEOMA to spend 2 years in each institution and gain two bachelor

Why did you choose NUCB?

I chose NUCB for my double degree because the school was well recognized internationally being AACSB accredited and the courses are taught entirely in English.
Moreover, NUCB is located in Aichi prefecture, which is close to Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, which is great for sightseeing in Japan.

Was it easy to adapt to the Case Method and follow the classes?

It was something completely new to me which I enjoyed because I find that new things are always interesting. The case method is pretty unusual and helped me know the company’s way of operating in a deeper way than traditional theoretical classes.

What do you think about the Cultural Enrichment activities you joined?

I found it amazing as well as very organized.

The “bitesize history of Japanese food” event allowed me to learn more about common meals available in the country and to meet new people as well.

The traditional Ikebana event was the one I enjoyed the most, arranging our own flowers to make it dynamic and beautiful with help from a professional artist and her apprentice. This was an amazing insight into Japanese culture.

The Mizuhiki Knot event was very funny because we had to create our own Japanese knots to put it onto letters and then send them to our families, I had a hard time making them but thanks to the help and patience of everyone, I managed to make 2.  

What do you think about the University’s facilities?

I think the food of Sora café is good. The staff are very kind and always provide solutions for you to be able to eat (special vegetarian meals for example).
My experience in the dorms has been good, I really enjoy the room and the view with an unbeatable quality/price. Moreover, supermarkets are only 10 minutes by bike and it takes 5 minutes to go to the convenience stores (Family Mart and 7/11).

Did you get the chance to meet a lot of Japanese friends?

I got the chance to meet a few Japanese students during school activities whom I am still in contact with.

How did you spend your time outside of the classes?

I went to Nagoya and Akaike twice per week for sightseeing (Tokugawa-en, Nagoya’s castle, Ghibli store…) as well as playing arcade games.
I usually watch YouTube videos as well as Netflix and I like to listen to music. I also read some economics-related papers and follow companies’ performances.

Where else have you visited outside of Nagoya?

I have been to Kyoto, and I must say this was a wonderful experience! Everything is so traditional and beautiful.

I got to try chocolate mochi and visited beautiful places such as Heian-jingū, Fushimi Inari, and the Kinkakuji shrine.

I really want to go back to Osaka because I have not had the chance to visit the city properly. I also want to visit Tokyo, Okinawa, and Hokkaidō, which are must-see places in Japan.