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Juri, Exchange student from Estonian Business School

Juri(Center), Exchange Student Estonia Business School 2019-2020

We are joined by Juri, an Estonian student who came to NUCB Undergraduate School on Exchange for one year from 2019.

Estonian Business School is part of a global network of over 100 partner schools offering the opportunity to gain credits on an overseas exchange program.

Why did you choose NUCB?

I chose NUCB for several reasons: the faculty seemed very knowledgeable, the school’s mission statement spoke to me on a personal level, and I liked the way the campus looked. I also felt that Nagoya was a great city to study in, as it is very business-oriented and close to other big cities, like Tokyo or Osaka.

Was it easy to adapt to the Case Method and follow the classes?

The classes were very interesting and a breath of fresh air as a result of the case method employed by the faculty which felt very intuitive. I immediately noticed a difference in the overall engagement as the professors actively opened new discussions and managed to create a very intellectually stimulating environment.

What do you think about the Cultural Enrichment activities you joined?

I think the Cultural Enrichment activities provided by the school were some of the most memorable parts of my journey in Japan. Every activity helped me to understand the Japanese culture better and also provided the students with a better opportunity to get to know each other more.

What do you think about the University’s facilities?

The university itself was gorgeous and clean. The study department was always helpful to all the students and assisted in all matters. Furthermore, the food was very healthy and delicious.

Did you get the chance to meet a lot of Japanese friends?

I got a chance to meet quite a few Japanese people with whom I had great conversations about their culture and life in Japan.

I appreciated that the school council was very active in always hosting new activities so that the international students could get to know the Japanese students more.

How did you spend your time outside of the classes?

Outside of studying, I spent much of my time exploring Japan and enjoying the local food culture. I was very fortunate to meet some great students from NUCB who were kind enough to give me guidance in finding the best places to travel to or delicious restaurants to eat at.

Nagoya is a great city to live in because the student dormitories are in very calm and quiet locations that are just a few train stops away from the buzzing city center. I loved going on walks around Osu Kannon shopping district because there was always something new to discover or different foods to try.