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Why Choose Japan?

With its 2.87 million students, Japan is a global leader in tertiary education. In 2017, 84% of its graduate students were employed, the same rate as Australia, against 82.4% for Canada and 81.8% for the USA*. In addition of providing students with high employability the Japanese tertiary education system also welcomes an increasing number of international students. Japan is number two in East Asia in welcoming international students. It now welcomes a more important share of international students proportionally to its total student population than South Korea and China**. This follows a governmental desire to make Japanese universities stand out more in the international sphere.

Enjoying a first-rate tertiary education in an increasingly more welcoming environment is already an excellent argument to consider coming studying in Japan. You could benefit from this as an international student or in the context of a long-term exchange program. However, Japan has many other qualities that makes it one of the best choice for studying abroad.

A Dynamic job market

In addition to having a high employment rate for its graduates, Japan has a really low unemployment rate (2.4%), especially for its young population. While 18.8% of European labor force youth is unemployed, this only concern 4.7% of young professional Japanese***. Japan is also home to a dynamic and diverse professional world with a lot of famous, high-standard global corporations (Toyota, Sony, Shiseido, Toshiba etc). The internationalization seen in the Japanese universities has first been designed to turn Japan economy even more toward the globalized world. Indeed, more and more companies are looking for international talents to hire.

A rich cultural life

Japan is well known for his thousand-years-old traditions that can only inspire respect. But this is not all there is to Japan cultural life. Through its globally popular and extremely diverse pop culture, Japan is more than ever present in the global collective imaginary. With ambitious cultural projects coming, such as the Rugby World Cup (2019), the Olympic Games (2020) or the Universal Exhibition (2025), the next years are going to be very lively for the Japanese cultural scene and its international promotion. Studying and living in Japan is an incredible opportunity to partake in this excitement from the inside.

Great quality of life

Two of the top three safest cities in the world are Japanese. Japan offers a great quality of life with numerous traditions turned toward well-being (such as natural hot spring “onsen”). Living in Japan will allow you to enjoy your life between delicious food, extensive and exciting holidays destinations (Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, snorkeling with turtles in Okinawa), or sharing your enthusiasm for new technology and shopping.

Studying in Japan is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join an excellent academic life with a great life experience while putting a first foot into a dynamic job market.